Deaton Meets The Desert Wolf On 'Teen Wolf,' But Why Is She Hellbent On Killing Malia?

Hey Teen Wolf fans, can I be honest with you all for a minute? Is anyone else a little disappointed with the Desert Wolf reveal on Monday night's Season 5 episode "Ouroboros"? I was really hoping for a little more fanfare, at the very least, a little bit more information. Sure the Desert Wolf storyline definitely got a swift kick in the right direction when she said she would kill her daughter again if she were still alive, but what the Hell? Why does the Desert Wolf want to murder Malia? Are we to assume she tried to kill Malia before and if so, perhaps a Malia mystery can be cleared up with this reveal.

If the Desert Wolf has tried to kill Malia before, the only time that she must have tried is during Malia's car accident with her family. Obviously the show has been hinting this as we see Malia drive herself and Theo off the road when she remembers bits and pieces from the crash. So if the Desert Wolf is the reason for the Tate family crash, then it also would make sense to assume that the Desert Wolf is the one who killed Malia's adopted mother, not Malia herself. Man, wouldn't that be a huge relief off Malia's shoulders.

I know some of you might be thinking, "But Malia has blue eyes. If she didn't kill an innocent person, why would she have blue eyes?" Well here's a question in response, is the blue eyes triggered by guilt or by the actual act of killing the innocent itself? If it's triggered by guilt, then of course Malia feels guilty about the murder because she believes she did it. And if it's triggered by the act of killing the innocent, then here's another theory as to why Malia's eyes are blue despite her potentially not killing anyone: What if werecoyotes naturally have blue eyes? When Kate Argent was turned into a creature, she had green eyes. So maybe having hazel/gold eyes in your normal state is just a werewolf thing?

But putting Malia's eyes and history aside for a moment, what can we expect now that we've met the Desert Wolf? Well, if we go by Lydia's visions from the Season 5 premiere, which have been spot on so far, Malia is eventually cornered by what looks to be the Desert Wolf's shadow. So she is definitely in danger of her mother coming to kill her. But why exactly does the Desert Wolf want Malia dead? Does she pose a threat to the Desert Wolf? Is the title of Desert Wolf something that passes on through the generations but can only be assumed by the next person if they kill their mother? Clearly, Teen Wolf has some explaining to do. But considering what little they've given us on the Desert Wolf so far and considering how interesting the Dread Doctors storylines have been this season, the show's writers better step up their Desert Wolf plot game.

Images: Screenshot/MTV; teenwolf/Tumblr (2)