Kate Moss' Crown From First 'i-D' Shoot Is Being Auctioned Off, So It's Time To Bust Open That Piggy Bank

Not often does a supermodel pass on her crown, but when she does it's epic. Instead of passing her royal status on to another model, Kate Moss' crown is being auctioned off to one lucky buyer. That's right! For the right price, you can have a piece of the model's history.

Although the crown is made out of black felt with different colored flower-esque pieces of fabric on it, The Cut reported that the accessory could sell from anywhere between $7,750 to $12,400. That's a whole lot of cash for something my little brother could probably recreate. But having Moss's very own accessory to wear around the house really is priceless, right?

The supermodel wore the crown in her first ever magazine spread, which was shot for i-D magazine in 1989. Even before she was dubbed fashion royalty, she had herself her very own crown. At the age of 14, and right before her better-remembered photoshoot with Corinne Day, Moss rocked the headpiece in a sweater and high-waisted jeans. To own the crown to shoot your very own photos in, you can head over to Christie's on September 10 and join in on the bidding fun. Because if you can get your hands on a few thousand dollars, why not spend it on a piece of history?

Christie's has held numerous auctions other Moss items, including almost two million dollars worth of photos. Moss even once auctioned off a kiss with Sharon Stone for charity. So if you miss out in the crown, odds are you'll have another chance to get your hands on a Moss artifact.

But if you do win the auction, feel free to rent it out to all the fashion girls who didn't a chance to bid for the crown. You can get some of your money back and make all the monetarily-challenged Moss fans happy at the same time. I call that a fashion win-win.

Let's hope that the next auction is of the wonderful feather crown that the star rocked. If timed perfectly, they could get a whole lot of money from someone wanting to rock the crown at Coachella.

Or maybe even her crown made out of deer bones.

If that's too out there for you, there's always her Vogue cover shot crown that kept it classic.

Even if she auctions off all of her many crowns, Moss will forever have a hold on her fashion royalty status.