Macaulay Culkin's New Band Sings About Pizza and Only Pizza Because ART

So, Macaulay Culkin has been pretty quiet since his relationship with Mila Kunis dissolved back in 2011. Sure, there was that whole is-he-on-crack-or-isn't-he situation, but he disputed that and I honestly actually believe him — even more so after reading this new story The Huffington Post ran today. Apparently, the former Home Alone star has been spending his free time playing in a new band. Good for him! But, that's not all: According to the story, Macaulay Culkin's new band only sings about pizza. Even better, the songs are actually covers of The Velvet Underground slightly altered to be about pizza instead of, like, love.

The best part, though, is without a doubt the band's name: THE PIZZA UNDERGROUND.

It's like he's a man after Liz Lemon's own heart.

Some sample song titles, courtesy of "Papa John Says," "I'm Beginning to Eat the Slice," "Cheese Days," "Pizza Day," "All the Pizza Parties," "Pizza Gal," "Take a Bite of the Wild Slice"... I could go on and on. Apparently, they generally play in and around the NYC area, as indicated by this tweet from their official Twitter, @cheesedayz: "#pizzaunderground makes a special appearance during Jeff Lewis' set at @UnionPool tonight for the Comic Arts Festival after party. 9pm $5."

If you've never been to Union Pool, all you need to know is that it's where hipsters go to drunkenly pass out on the patio after they've had too much to drink elsewhere — so this is kind of perfect.

Here is their Tumblr, which has a lot of pictures of pizza. I've attached a recording of their demo for "Papa John Says," which is clearly a play on The Velvet Underground's 1968 hit, "Stephanie Says." It's beautiful. This is art.