9 TCFStyle Expo Street Style Photos Full Of Body Positive Fashion & Plus Size Charm

When it comes to street style round-ups, you don't often see photos of plus size women, let alone round-ups featuring all plus-size women. Although the tide is shifting, there are still not a lot of plus size specific events outside of New York and Los Angeles. The TCF Style Expo held in Atlanta on Aug. 8 and hosted by Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, however, brought plus size women from around the country into the South to celebrate their curves and be amongst fellow sartorial enthusiasts. When it came to the fashion at the event, let me just say that the attendees came ready to slay.

I have honestly never seen so many plus size women in crop tops in one room. Being surrounded by ladies with such a strong, unapologetic sense of personal style was a truly beautiful thing. Considering so much of the body positive movement's community-building happens over the Internet, this event was an opportunity to take plus size fashion off the 'gram and into real life.

From models and fellow vendors to panelists and attendees, I decided to capture a few of my favorite street style looks from the event. There were so many stylish women in attendance that this list really could have gone on and on for(almost)ever.

1. Jessica

Jessica Kane was one of the speakers on the "Finding Your TCFStyle" panel, and rightfully so. Kane is not only the founder and publisher of Skorch Magazine , but she is also the Creative Director of Cool Gal Blue, where you can find this amazing floral printed midi skirt.

Instagram: @Jessica_Kane

2. Gess

When Gess walked up to my booth in tall black platforms, I knew she was dedicated to a '90s inspired look! The length of the skirt and the white collar gave me very Dionne in Clueless vibes.

Instagram: @GessFlyy

3. Tyrha

Throughout the day, I kept seeing Tyrha in different outfits, which I later realized was because she was one of the models for the event. Each ensemble she wore was amazing, but when she walked by my booth in these glass heels, I had to know where they were from. When she said she made them, I was even more impressed.

Instagram: @tcheris

4. Courtney

Courtney Noelle is a New York-based indie designer who has been making a huge splash in the plus size fashion industry this year. Once I realized that she was going to be at the expo, I was dying to see which of her amazing pieces she would be wearing. This was my first time seeing the Robin Set in person and it is such a cool take on the crop top because it almost looks like a dress rather than two separate pieces. The purple lip was the perfect complement as well.

Instagram: @courtneynoelleinc

5. Lawrencia

When I saw Lawrencia, I was immediately drawn to the color combination of her outfit. I love the texture on this top, especially paired with the silver metallic skirt. I was getting all of the late '90s/early 2000s futuristic fashion feels from this look.

Instagram: @lawrenciaaa

6. Sabrina

Sabrina from Lifetime's Big Women Big Love has been killing it at pretty much every plus size fashion show and event this year, so I knew that she would be doing the same at the TCFStyle Expo. This emerald green Courtney Noelle dress paired with the Nicki body chain from Ready to Stare was such a powerful look. It was the perfect thing to wear while speaking on a panel about fashion empowerment.

Instagram: @sabrinaateam

7. Jasmine & CarrieSierra

I was drawn to Jasmine and CarrieSierra's use of color. From Jasmine's floral skirt and orange lip to CarrieSierra's bright crop top and bright pink lip, these looks stood out. Once I spoke with them, it was clear how much they appreciated each other's style. Jasmine was quick to point out that CarrieSierra was a stylist and that she made her crop top out of a table cloth. I love to see friends supporting each other and killing the style game at the same time.

Instagram: @poetic_khaos and @theeblackbradshaw

8. Ramona

Ramona is one of my new favorite bloggers. She creates a safe space for tall plus size women on her blog Tall Tales. I love how her pink lip matched her skirt and clutch from fellow blogger/designer Lion Hunter of the Tutu Experience. Don't even get me started on the brilliance of this sequin crop top.

Instagram: @ramona_o

9. The TCFStyle Expo Team

I didn't have a chance to personally capture the looks of the TCFStyle Expo team, but I loved how creative it was to have the whole group wearing white with each individual putting their own spin on it.

There's something pretty uniting, empowering, and downright inspirational about being surrounded by women who feel the same way you do about the intersection of body positivity and fashion. Here's to a lot more expos in a lot more places.

Images: Alysse Dalessandro