15 Twin XL Bedding Sets That Will Make Your College Dorm Room Look Cooler Than Ever

Packing for college may just be one of the most stressful aspects of preparing for your freshman year — especially when you have to worry about making your dorm room look as cool as possible. Never fear! I have found the best twin XL bedding sets, so you no longer have to worry about making your dorm room the coolest one in the quad. Decorating your new home-away-from-home just got a whole lot easier.

One of the most important pieces of advice for incoming college freshmen is this: When your dorm room is cozy and cool, it becomes a great hang-out spot, and therefore a great way to make friends. Even if you have a single dorm in college, it's easy to meet new people by getting a fun bedspread, putting up some rad dorm room posters, and leaving your door open. A festive space invites people inside.

Of course, having a nice bed at college is also nice for, well, sleeping. With the right bedspread you can make even the teensiest dorm room feel like home, and you'll look forward to crashing into your modest twin XL bed every night. These 15 bedspreads make your transition into college just a little more comfy — so get shopping!

1. Plum & Bow Olivia Duvet Cover

This isn't your childhood floral bedspread.

Duvet cover, $89, urbanoutfitters.com

2. Decorator Damask Deluxe Comforter Set

Blue and turquoise make for a serene dorm room.

Comforter set, $189, pbteen.com

3. Yellow Maze Comforter Set

Add a pop of sunshine to your room, even if it doesn't get any natural light.

Comforter set, $28.49, target.com

4. White Reversible Waterfall Comforter Set

White bedding is like a cloud — perfect for some post-exams shut-eye.

Comforter set, $64.99, bedbathandbeyond.com

5. Juicy Couture After Hours Bedding Set

A gold and black duvet adds instant elegance to the smallest of rooms.

Bedding set, $98.99, kohls.com

6. Plaid Comforter Set

A simple black comforter will never go out of style during your undergrad career.

Comforter set, $28.49, target.com

7. Magical Thinking Archery Arrows Duvet Cover

A geometric pattern is the perfect balance between subtle and statement.

Duvet cover, $69, urbanoutfitters.com

8. Aztec Bedding Set

Who could resist a bit of black and white?

Bedding set, $59.99, kohls.com

9. Deco Dot Comforter Set

Dainty polka dots are just right for an understated yet cool vibe.

Comforter set, $129.99, bedbathandbeyond.com

10. Bow Tile Beige Comforter Set

Beige doesn't have to be blah — just look at how refreshing this geometric spread is.

Comforter set, $129.99, macys.com

11. Woodland Comforter Set

A nature-inspired bedspread fits in just right whether you go to school in the city or the country.

Comforter set, $79.99, wayfair.com

12. Block Stripe Duvet Set

When in doubt, always go with stripes.

Duvet set, $47.49, target.com

13. Locust Spacedye Jersey Comforter

A jersey comforter is basically the equivalent of a giant, impossibly soft sweatshirt. What's not to love?

Comforter, $169, urbanoutfitters.com

14. Reversible Scallop Bed Set

Live out your Little Mermaid fantasies with a pretty beachy blue bed.

Bed set, $59.99, kohls.com

15. Bluebellgray Butterfly Moonlight Blue Comforter Set

Bold hues make this bedding an enviable piece of dorm decor.

Comforter set, $129, macys.com

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