Who Will Matt Cohen Play On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? 7 Possible Roles For His Character Levi

Though summer is quickly coming to a close, there is still so much to look forward to. The fall television season is almost here, and exciting casting news is coming out on a near daily basis. The latest epic news is that Supernatural and 90210 alum Matt Cohen will be joining How To Get Away With Murder. The last time we saw Annalise and her crew, they were still reeling from the demise of Sam Keating, Annalise's conniving husband. To make matters worse, they had just discovered another dead body on their hands. Wes Gibbins' femme fatale girlfriend Rebecca wound up dead in Annalise's basement with no one claiming responsibility for her death. Cohen is definitely joining the show at a volatile time.

According to Deadline, Cohen's character will first appear in the second episode of this upcoming season of HTGAWM. The site reported, "Cohen will play Levi, described as a sexy, edgy working class guy." From the description, it looks like Cohen's character Levi will fit right in the mysterious, Pennsylvania college town. Though the odds are against him, I hope he makes it through the entire season alive. Until the second season premieres on Sept. 24, here are seven roles where Cohen's character would fit in seamlessly on the show.

1. Rebecca's Killer

Entertainment Weekly recently reported that Rebecca's killer will be revealed during the Season 2 premiere of HTGAWM. Though I'm convinced that Annalise and Wes conspired in her death, I could certainly be wrong. We won't be introduced to Levi until the second episode of the season, but this doesn't mean that the audience won't be given some details about him during the pilot. After all, Rebecca didn't just start making waves when she met Keating and her law students.

2. Sam Keating's Son

Though we don't know the full story behind Annalise and Sam's volatile relationship and Margie, we do know that she was his student, and that he was married when they met. He was obviously a predator who had many secrets. I wouldn't be surprised if Levi was Sam's son that he kept hidden from Annalise. It would certainly be a jaw-dropping turn of events.

3. Frank's Brother

On Scandal, Olivia Pope has Huck, and, on HTGAWM, Annalise Keating has Frank. Frank is another character on the show who seems to be shrouded in mystery. Though he's smart and impeccably dressed, he also has no qualms about committing murder, and it's unclear if he actually has a law degree. Frank is able to blend in because we know next to nothing about him. However, secrets can't be hidden for long. Levi could certainly have the answers to all of the questions we have about Frank.

4. A Witness

Annalise Keating and her crew have gotten their hands quite dirty when it comes to covering their tracks and winning their cases. Though they are very crafty at their jobs, I wouldn't be shocked to find out that someone has witnessed their indiscretions. Levi could definitely be a witness to some of their more unsavory tactics, especially if he saw the law students dumping Sam Keating's body.

5. Michaela's New Love Interest

Michaela spent the majority of last season chasing her perfect fairytale, only to have it crumble before her eyes. Now that she's seemingly given up on the Vera Wang gown and the role as a politician's wife, it would be nice to see her loosen up with a great guy. Levi could certainly be that person for her.

6. Annalise's New Client

Annalise has defended a ton of unsavory characters during her tenure as a criminal defense attorney. Levi could be her newest client in the middle of a tumultuous case. If this happens to come to pass, I hope he's innocent of the crimes he's accused of.

7. A New Student

The law student fellowship with Annalise's law firm is extremely competitive. So much so that the students were dumbfounded when Wes grabbed a spot at the last minute. Levi could be a new student at Middleton University, vying for the same fellowship.

Though we don't know exactly how Levi will fit in on HTGAWM, I can only assume that he's gonna bring some drama Keating's law firm.

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