Meghan Trainor Cancels Her Tour Due To Medical Reasons, So Here's How You Can Fill The Void

Meghan Trainor broke the news that she was canceling her tour on Tuesday morning via a long and heartfelt Instagram post. The Nantucket singer has been struggling with vocal chord complications and has been suffering from bronchitis. In her message, Trainor wrote that she has hemhorraged her vocal chords and will have to undergo surgery in order to correct the problem. She is clearly upset about the whole ordeal, "I am devastated, scared, and so sorry. I LOVE touring and seeing your beautiful faces every night." She concluded, "I am determined to do what it takes to get better and come back stronger than ever. I love you, and thank you for all of your understanding, love and support."

Trainor is just coming off of the release of a brand new video for her duet with John legend, "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," and was slated to tour all over the United States through mid September. Unfortunately all of the remaining shows of her MTrain Tour are cancelled, and nothing has been released yet as to whether or not the dates will be rescheduled. Trainor canceled a few previous dates due to her vocal chord problems, but clearly the condition was much worse than expected.

In lieu of seeing Meghan Trainor live and in concert, here's how you can still get in the MTrain spirit.

1. Wear Pastel and Pearls All Day

Every inch of you in pastel from the bottom to the top!

2. Get Your Girlfriends Together With Some Pink Wine & Learn This Dance

Guaranteed great night.

3. Order A Pizza

Meghan would want you to.

4. Listen To The Tunes Of Her Opening Acts

If ya can't see 'em in concert, you might as well get to know them on your ride to work or while you try to not be insanely bored on a treadmill.

5. Drink Everything Out Of These

Those lips are movin'... and are completely fab.

6. Turn The Lights Down Low And Light Some Candles

It's John Legend time!

7. Find All Of Her Live Performances Online

Then find a friend with a projector, and move all that bass around.

It's a shame that Trainor has cancelled her tour due to such a painful medical issue. Here's wishing her a speedy recovery. Until then, let's all send bright, happy pink vibes into the universe.

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