Some Questions About Meghan Trainor's New Video

"All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor's new music video is finally here, and, in a delightful twist of events, it's jam-packed with surprises: Not only does it feature John Legend crooning alongside her, but it's actually a depature from the pastel wonderland aesthetic usually seen within her video catalog. Into it! In the video, which is for Trainor's song "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," the singer stands in a candlelit warehouse and watches the rain...while a handful of couples and some unlucky pedestrians are caught in a downpour outside. There's a mother and her baby, a homeless man with his dog... you get the picture. But, don't fret: Just when you think things are getting way too depressing for any video featuring Trainor, Legend emerges, and we forget all of the sad stuff that came right before his entrance.

All the while, Trainor remains shielded from the rain in her dark and sexy loft. It's metaphorical, OK?

If you haven't had the chance to listen to the track just yet, "Like I'm Gonna Lose You," is the first slow ballad Trainor has released as a single, and it's no secret that she picked an amazing artist to join her for it. The song, like all of Trainor's hits, will likely get stuck in your head after just one or two listens — and it will surely be a staple at proms and weddings to come. The video itself, as the description above suggests, is pretty fittingly dark — a slow ballad deserves a dark, rainy video, after all. It makes sense.

However, that doesn't mean the music video didn't leave me with more than a few questions...

Was The Direction Of This Video "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" Meets Friends?

Here's "Total Eclipse of the Heart":

And here's that one Friends scene I'm talking about:

Just saying. I see it.

Is Anyone Else Waiting For Mimi And Roger From Rent To Pop In?

OK, so along with Friends and "Total Eclipse of the Heart," add a lil' Rent to the mix:

Would you like my bookshelf of caaaaannddddllllleeees?

Why Is This Woman Standing Directly In The Rain With Her Baby?

I mean. There's clearly an awning right next to her.

Why Doesn't Trainor Let All Of These People Inside?

Are you just WATCHING them get soaked? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

Follow-up Question: Are You Trying To Make Us Cry With This Video?

"I'M NOT CRYING IT'S JUST RAINING ON MY FACE. Literally. You can see the storm clouds."

How Did They Project These Raindrops Onto This Baby?

I hope no babies were dampened in the making of this video.

Where Can I Buy This Woman's Glasses?


How Come The Bus Couple Doesn't Get The Rain Treatment?

It's cute and all...but everyone else is getting soaked and y'all are canoodling on public transportation. Everyone else got a terrible deal.

Have The Backstreet Boys Taught You Nothing, John Legend?


Is The Church of "John Legend In The Rain" A Thing Yet?

Because I'm having a vision here.

Is John Legend A Ghost?


For Real, Is This A Scene From Rent?

Viva la vie Boheme...I GUESS?

Is This The Sun, Or A Spaceship Taking Them To Another Planet?

Because this sort of straight-up looks like an alien abduction is about to happen... and yet, no one seems that worried. Are these rain people all in a cult? Where's Mulder and Scully when you need them?!

See The Whole Video Here:

All kidding aside, this video is pretty gorgeous. Legend's face'll do that.

Images: MeghanTrainorVEVO/YouTube (11)