The Donald Trump Insult Generator Will Help You Bring Down "Losers" & "Dummies" With The Grace Of The Trumpster

By now, Donald Trump is no longer most famous for his real estate properties, his reality TV show The Apprentice, or even his hair — and certainly not for his political positions (what political positions?). No, Donald Trump is now most famous for his insults, which he's been leveling at his opponents — who have been people from all walks of life — since long before announcing his presidential campaign. But because there's a short list of names and descriptors he always reaches for, it's fairly easy to mimic Trump's signature style of insult. So someone did just that and made an entire app out of it. You can now use the ingenious Donald Trump Insult Generator to diss just like him.

Over the years, Trump has amassed quite an impressive list of enemies, and sometimes you just can't think of enough names to cover all those people. I mean, it's not like there's a book that lists out all the synonyms for every word or anything. Just kidding, that's called a thesaurus. But Trump clearly hasn't caught on yet. So instead, he sticks with his old standbys, like "loser," "lightweight," "moron," "dummy," etc.

Using this reliable algorithm, the Donald Trump Insult Generator allows you to enter a name — any name — and then spits out a Trump-style insult about that person. Each and every result sounds like something that belongs on Trump's Twitter feed. Insulting people has never been so much fun.

Brad Pitt

What are you referring to, Trump? Ocean's 12?

Martha Stewart

Remember when she went to prison?

Channing Tatum

Excuse me??!


As if she needed you for publicity.

Tom Brady

If you're talking about Deflategate, then you do have a point there, Trump.

Boo The Dog

Aw, but he's just a Pomeranian!


Nobody is safe from Trump's barbs. Not even Grandma.

Maya Angelou

OK, I'm pretty sure that's not true.

Shia LaBoeuf

This scenario is actually highly likely.

Jennifer Lawrence

Do you mean "terribly amazing"?

Jake Gyllenhaal

I guess?

Vladimir Putin

LOL, have you lost your mind?

Chris Harrison

It's true. Hosting The Bachelor can't be easy.

Guy Fieri

Appropriate usage of the term "clown" there.

Prince George

Trump's enemy No. 1, however, seems to be Prince George, who was the subject of several stinging tweets.

Images: TIME