Tim Meadows' Angry Rant About 'SNL's Bill Brasky Snub Is More Than Warranted

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Tim Meadows took to Facebook to vent about being excluded from the Bill Brasky sketch on SNL this week: “They did Brasky without me…” he wrote on Saturday night. The comedian's emotional landscape played out from bitterness to self-pity to acceptance. He called the show out for sleeping on him. “Sorry The Ladies Man bombed… if it would have done better they wouldn’t treat me like a red headed step child” and later, “I'm grateful for what they did for me. But every once in a while as a fan and a alumni, it stings a little to not even be considered as someone they would like to come back around." He even said "I'm a nobody." Not true.

Then, old SNL cast members commented. Chris Rock wrote, “What happened...” Beth Cahill wrote, “I kinda knew they were a bunch of scallywag bastages when they fired me. #myfirstclue" and Laraine Newman wrote, “I can’t ‘like’ this one.”

Other Brasky skit alumni who also didn’t return were Alec Baldwin, John Goodman (hosting this Saturday) and Mark McKinney. Instead Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, David Koechner, and Taran Killam all toasted Bill Brasky at a Chuck E. Cheese's. Even Kenan Thompson pops in, but at least they didn’t make him play Al Sharpton AND Tim Meadows.

Meadows posted later that he calmed down with a well-deserved mimosa.

But where was he? Instead of being a part of the gang, he was somewhere in Indiana, according to Facebook. It’s unclear what he was doing there, but hopefully he wasn’t bombing at a Chiropractors Without Borders function like in Life and Times of Tim.

SNL made the mistake of sleeping on Meadows when he was a member of the Chris Farley team. The show treated his token presence like a running gag. Luckily, later alongside Will Ferrell and Tracy Morgan the show paid up, giving the guy's versatility its due attention. Here are some of his greatest SNL hits proving why every sketch should have a framed photo of Meadows in the background. So instead of Bill Brasky, we toast you, Tim Meadows. Raise a glass of Courvoisier. Here's to you because unforgettable, that's what you are.

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