7 Christina Aguilera Lyrics That Are Dirtier Than You Think (Like, Other Than "Dirrty")

The year was 1999. Teeny boppers everywhere were delighting in the explosion of sickeningly sweet pop stars everywhere. Songs from artists like *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and good ol’ Christina Aguilera were blaring from everyone’s radio, a sudden influx of Disney off-shoots. Kids who had grown up singing for Mickey Mouse and were suddenly old enough to be singing about sex — except, you know, they never really sang about sex. In fact, despite totally referring to sex, the lyrics always seemed PG — and anything that was really dirty was hidden behind the image of innocence. But, man, if you look at those lyrics now? They are a lot dirtier than you probably thought they were back then.

If you were anything like me, you were too busy cutting out pictures of Nick Lachey’s face and sticking them to your wall to notice that these people were singing about some pretty raunchy stuff. Especially Aguilera — her lyrics are laced with innuendo and suggestion in a way that seriously outdid her competition. Like, Spears and her wish to be hit one more time had nothing on Xtina’s super suggestive lyrics.

Just look at some of these lyrics! You may have thought you were singing along to some song that reminded you of Aladdin, but little did you know those lyrics were all about the one thing — good ol’ love making.

1. "If you wanna be with me / Baby there's a price to pay / I'm a genie in a bottle / You gotta rub me the right way."

Sure, this is the most obvious example. But there was a lot going on here that you probably didn’t notice as a kid. Like, the play on chastity (being "locked up tight") and the fact that she’s using the metaphor of the genie bottle to hide the fact that she’s being totally literal: You have to rub her the right way — aka foreplay — in order for her to be into you. Yowza!

2. "Whatever keeps me in your arms / And I'm thanking you for giving it to me."

What does a girl want? What does a girl need? Sex. That’s what.

3. "But then it feels so good, I knew it would / You know the way to make me crazy."

She’s not talking about love here, people.

4. "All I want is you / Now baby don't be shy / You better cross the line."

You know what line she’s talking about now, don’t you?

5. "I need that, uhh, to get me off / Sweatin' 'til my clothes come off."

Oh. Well then!

6. "I want sex for breakfast."

OK, this one was always obvious.

7. "Baby, you and I could be loving one another / Over and over, day after day."

Funny how she’s saying love, but the subtext is clearly sex. Over and over again? That’s dirty talk, and you know it.

See what I mean? These lyrics have always been filthy. You just didn’t realize what you were singing. Now, go apologize to your mother and wash your mouth out with soap.

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