Edward Snowden Person Of The Year For 'The Guardian': In Other News

There's still 48 hours to go before TIME magazine names its Person Of The Year, and Miley Cyrus and Edward Snowden are going head-to-head in the polls. (They're also competing with President Obama, Pope Francis, Jeff Bezos and a couple other small fries.) Over at the Guardian, the British paper that published the original Snowden leaks and most of the ones that came after, the votes are already in: Snowden's the clear winner. Somewhere, Miley and Pope Francis are quaking in their boots.

In the Guardian's poll, Snowden garnered almost 1,500 votes — and only 2,000 people voted. In distant second place, the Greenpeace activists who spearheaded oil-ring protests over Russian Arctic drilling gained just over 300 votes. It's the second year in a row that an American whistleblower has topped the British newspaper's poll: Last year, Chelsea Manning won. Over at TIME, Snowden has made the top ten, and the magazine's editors will announce their winner Wednesday. All of this glory must make it a little cheerier to be a wanted fugitive, eh, Snowden?

Meanwhile, Anderson Cooper just referred to Ron Burgundy as "the most legendary news anchor in history." Uh. OK.

Some images have just emerged from North Korea that apparently see Kim Jong-un's uncle being dragged away, literally, from his position.

There's a real-life Fox and the Hound, just like the Disney movie. Only they have a much happier ending (spoiler alert!) and will melt your frozen heart.

Here's each of TIME's Person of the Year winners since 1927, in a handy compilation.

What do cheese, Egypt, and a rocket all have in common? Um, those are all names that real-life people gave their real-life babies this year. Oh dear.

Erm ... the shaving industry has suffered recently, because men are more into their facial hair.

Here's a very dizzying music video of 3-D GIFs. We dare you to watch it, though not if you have epilepsy. Or had a few too many drinks last night. Because that will not end well.


And finally. Because it's Monday.