Lana Del Rey's "High By The Beach" Video Teaser Leaves So Many Unanswered Questions

After a long, long wait, Lana Del Rey's "High By the Beach" is finally here! We've trying to get every detail possible about Del Rey's upcoming album, Honeymoon , and the track definitely gives us some hints. It has the hazy quality and vintage flair we're used to hearing from Del Rey.

Luckily for us, the "Born to Die" singer gave us another piece to the Honeymoon puzzle: A teaser for the upcoming "High By the Beach" music video. The clip is a short and disappointing 15 seconds long and, in typical Del Rey fashion, she leaves us wanting more.

The teaser begins with a helicopter descending. The moody vibes are going hard, as Del Rey sees the aircraft coming toward her in the reflection of a glass door. (Naturally, there's flowy white curtains billowing around her as this happens, adding to the drama and overall atmosphere of the clip.) Del Rey appears to be standing on the balcony of a beach house and we see her walk inside before the clip fades out. I told you it would leave you wanting more!

The result is seriously ominous. More importantly, it raises so many questions. With no official release date for the "High By the Beach" video, here's nine questions I have for Del Rey.

1. Who Is In The Helicopter?

Because they are seriously worrying me.

2. What Do The Helicopter's Passengers Want?

They're closing in, so they must want something.

3. Is That Your Beach House?

Either way, it's a pretty sweet pad.

4. Is Anyone There With You?

You know, as backup in case things go south.

5. Why Are You Being Watched?

What do they want from you?!

6. Are You Scared?

Because you're acting awfully calm.

7. How Does This Connect To The "High By The Beach" Lyrics?

Other than there's tension in both the song and the teaser.

8. Will This Video Be As Mysterious As "Ultraviolence"?

Because that left me with a lot of questions too.

9. How Will This All End?

If it helps, I'm totally #TeamLana.

Images: Giphy (5); Interscope (3)