If 'Fresh Prince' Took Place In The Digital Age, Hilary Banks Would Have Been A Social Media Queen

I'm a child of the '90s, so not a day goes by that I don't wish that the sitcoms that practically raised me weren't still around. There are plenty of reasons for this, not lastly because the art of the theme song has been sadly lost to the ages. But I'd also like the chance to see how the characters who defined that decade for me would have handled life in 2015. Hilary Banks of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air is a true trendsetter; I could see her adapting to any time at all. As I look back on Hilary's contribution to pop culture, I get to wondering about how hard she would have rocked the 2015 digital space — the platform from which most 2015 trendsetters do their influencing. For me, there is no doubt: Hilary Banks would have been a social media queen .

Imagine Hilary strolling through the Banks' kitchen in one of her impeccable ensembles, tossing a sarcastic remark at Will and scrolling through her Twitter mentions. Or picture her painstakingly curating her "Fall Fashions" Pinterest board for her thousands of loyal followers. It just makes sense, right? But until television gives me the Fresh Prince reboot that I need and this new Hilary in action, I've done my best to dream up some sample H-Banks posts.


Hilary would use Twitter to complain about her dorky brother and obnoxious cousin, show off her latest Rodeo Drive purchases, and strike up a friendship with the only other woman she feels can truly understand the struggle of the beautiful: Chrissy Tiegen. When he was alive, she and Trevor would trade public declarations of affection, which would only lose her a few followers.


Facebook would be Hilary's least favorite social platform, because all her older relatives and former teachers are on it too. And Hilary is all about staying hip. Still, she'd use it to communicate to fans of her weather reports (and later, her chat show). She'd save all the good stuff for the cooler channels though.


Hilary can't believe that her dad hasn't thrown Jazz out yet. As if.

Snapchat is how the eldest Banks daughter would keep up with her closest friends and where she'd share the content the adoring fans of an emerging public figure just couldn't see. Mostly, she's post snaps of Uncle Phil disciplining Will, and Carlton dancing when he thinks nobody is watching. Jazz would be her most persistent Snapchat friend, and she'd humor him in spite of herself.


Of course, Pinterest is where Hilary would really shine. Her style inspiration boards would be her baby. She'd spend hours scouring her favorite fashion blogs and magazine sites for pieces and looks to fill up her profile. Her efforts would win her thousands of fans, who would look to Hilary for the latest in wearable luxury and preppy fierceness.

And let's be honest: I'd follow Hilary Banks on all of these platforms. And probably Periscope too.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Bustle (4)