Marlene King Teases 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 8 & A Movie, But What Would The Liars Be Doing?

People have... a lot of feelings about the Pretty Little Liars Season 6A finale, and let's leave it at that. However, while fans are working out how they feel about the controversial reveal that CeCe Drake is Big A on Pretty Little Liars, I. Marlene King is toying with our emotions off the screen in addition to on it. According to Variety, during the Television Critics' Association press tour, King teased that she was open to the possibility of an eighth season of Pretty Little Liars, as well as a Pretty Little Liars movie. (What is this? Community?) While Pretty Little Liars Season 7 will be the final season of the runaway hit ABC Family show, I can't help but wonder exactly what a Pretty Little Liars Season 8 and movie would even be about.

This is a particular conundrum because Season 6B is going to feature a time skip that has just rejoining the Liars five years after they've left high school behind. That's right: after six seasons languishing in the personal hell that is high school and A's clutches, our favorite characters will be out of college by the time we see them again. So, basically, if there was an eighth season of Pretty Little Liars, let alone a movie, it would be completely different from what we've seen of the Liars so far, likely more in line with whatever King has cooked up for Season 7 than any of the six seasons to come before it.

In light of that, here are seven things we could probably expect from Pretty Little Liars Season 8 and the epic concluding film we'll never see.

1. The Liars Actually Call The Police

After a while on the show, they had gotten their hands so dirty that calling the police would have never worked out for them — in between the times when they were dragged in by the police themselves. But, with five years separating them from the whole A thing, at the first sign of trouble, I would hope the Liars would be smart enough to call the police first before A lures them into any compromising situations.

2. And Also Maybe Tell The Truth

OK, sure, the show wouldn't be called Pretty Little Liars if the ladies didn't lie through their teeth all the time, but the line between a lie that helps their situation and a lie that makes it much, much worse gets blurred too often on this show. And that's something I attribute to the youth and inexperience they won't have in an eighth season or a movie.

3. A Is A Little Less Omnipotent

Seriously, there are some tricks that A pulled off that I still think would only have been possible if she could shape shift into mist or be invisible or something. How does she know not only what the Liars are doing, but what they're going to do? It's pushing my suspension of disbelief that she can still predict the adult Liars as well as she predicted the hormonal teenage Liars, OK?

4. Actually A Might Have A Much Harder Time

Forget about the police. This seems like a matter of national security. Can we get the FBI in here? Heck, can we call Veronica Mars over from Neptune, California to solve this case? The Liars should definitely be a little bit more on the ball this time, especially with regards to having people in their corner who aren't working for A.

5. They're Keeping Less Interesting Secrets

On Thursdays, instead of going to her volunteer charity teaching sessions, Spencer actually sneaks out to go to the beach and enjoy a nice, quiet day without her family. GASP! SHOCK! HORROR! SCANDAL! Yeah, I'm not really seeing what secrets the Liars could possibly have over five years later that are still as interesting. Did another one of their friends die or something?

6. But Still Making The Same Mistakes

Well. At least Ezria will be more of a legal couple in five years, and look a little less... like she's dating her former teacher?

7. A New Generation Of Liars Might Rise

Perhaps the truly compelling story to be told in Pretty Little Liars Season 8 is that the Liars all have children by this point, and these kids are being tormented by a new A. In true teenage style, they think they are the only people who have ever had these problems, unaware that their mothers have been through it and could help. Cue the Mama Bear claws coming out.

Now that I think about it, it's probably for the best that Season 7 will be the final season of Pretty Little Liars. I'm still trying to deal with the 6A finale.

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