41 Questions We Still Have After The 'PLL' Finale

We are currently sitting in a big pile of unanswered questions. We all saw this coming, right? The first half of Pretty Little Liars season six has been advertised as "the Summer of Answers," but even after the finale's never-ending stream of reveals, fans were still left with loose threads. So many loose threads that I had to enlist my fellow Bustle staffers Kelsea Stahler and Martha Sorren to deal with the huge reveal that CeCe Drake is Charles/Big A. We still have so many unanswered questions about Pretty Little Liars. For a show that has promised us so much in the past few months, this is a pretty disappointing spot we've found ourselves in. Not only is the big twist wildly problematic, but it also goes directly against what the show's writers said after the Charles reveal at the end of season five.

At least as of Tuesday night, we can officially say that we know almost every large detail. Beyond CeCe being Charles, the summer finale also revealed that Sarah Harvey is both Red Coat and Black Veil (sorry, Melissa Hastings theorizers). I know, it's a lot. So what exactly was left open-ended?

Below are some of the questions Pretty Little Liars has left us with in the wake of the Summer of Answers. But first, check out Bustle's podcast Taking This One To The Grave for more on this twisted season.

1. Seriously, Why?

2. Did no one realize that making CeCe Big A would upset literally everyone?

3. Did no one realize that making Big A transgender would be extremely problematic?

4. Does anyone believe that this storyline was really planned three years ago?

5. Who actually killed Mrs. D?

6. Are we still supposed to care about Rhys?

7. Why is Sarah with CeCe?

8. Where did they take CeCe?

9. Who is Mr. Rollins?

10. Was Ali teaching at Rosewood High?

11. Why does Ezra have a pirate mustache in that flash-forward?

12. How did Bethany end up at the DiLaurentis house?

13. Wait, what was "wrong" with Bethany? We didn't really get an explanation.

14. So is Melissa really not involved?

15. How did A get so much done with just one helper?

16. How did CeCe find Sarah?

17. Did Sarah really have feelings for Emily?

18. Wait, seriously, how did A know all the right stocks to invest in, to the point where she can afford supercomputers?

19. No really, when did PLL become Tron?

20. Seriously, what the hell was going on with that computer in A's lair? That was unreal.

21. That thing had to cost like, at least a million dollars.

22. How in the world did Radley let CeCe out to go to U. Penn?

23. Since when is that how mental institutions work?

24. How did Mrs. D just let the Jason/CeCe relationship keep going once she knew what was up?

25. Is anyone concerned about the fact that the moms are still in the DiLaurentis basement?

26. Seriously, are they going to get out before the time jump?

27. Who the hell is this "he" who is after Allison?

28. Why in the world would anyone else still be after these girls?

29. Is Uber A still at large?

30. Is that who "he" is?

31. Is this supposed to be all we get about the "CeCe is A" saga?

32. If Allison is married, what happened to Lorenzo?


34. Are Toby and Spencer broken up in the time jump? He looks pretty lonely chilling with Emily ...

35. Seriously, what is even going on?

36. Is this real life?

37. Seriously, in what world is this how the #FacetoFace finale went down?

38. What was so wrong with the "Wren is A" possibility?

39. Seriously, Julian Morris got the shaft here.

40. Does I. Marlene King hate us?

41. Should we even keep watching this show?

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