Disney Princess Appears In Ice Cube, And If This Isn't Proof That Magic Is Real I Don't Know What Is — PHOTO

I still low key believe in Santa, so it doesn't take much for me to believe that magic is real. But just in case there were ever a doubt in your mind, there is a tweet getting so mad love right now that shows what is unmistakably the form of Disney princess Cinderella in an ice cube. Twitter user @niiiiiifaaaaa in Japan was just minding their own business and living their best life by drinking an iced coffee, when BAM, the fates of the universe were changed forever. And by "fates of the universe" I mean my ability to react to this like a normal person at work instead of wigging out the way that I fully and geekily am right now.

This isn't the first ~mysterious image~ of a woman the internet has seen this week. Extraterrestrial enthusiasts recently latched onto this picture of a supposed ghost woman on Mars, who also appeared to be wearing a dress. Is this a sign, oh Great Mickey Mouse? Is Cinderella journeying to Earth in her true corporeal form to thank us for the visual glitter fest that was the recent live action Cinderella movie? It would be fitting of a princess to leave magical clues. First Mars, then a cup of coffee — who even knows what's next? (Not that I'm questioning your methods, Cindy, but I feel like it would have been classier to wait for the PSL to come out, going with your whole pumpkin theme and all. But you do you, girl.)

Here's the Disney princess you're about to be mad jealous hasn't popped up in your own cold brew yet:

Google translate tells me that the tweet says, "Ice coffee ice Disney Princess ish." I'm guessing that's not the actual Japanese translation, but that's going going to stop me from tattooing it to myself so Cinderella knows I'm ready to be part of her Squad when judgment day comes. If I can't be in Taylor Swift's, might as well roll with the next best one, right?

In any case, this isn't the only time we've seen a Disney princess in the real world. Here are some other contenders to join Cindy's squad when she descends from Disney princess land:

1. This Girl With Mad Disney Make Up Skills

And I can't even put on mascara without stabbing myself. PROPS.

2. This Girl Who Summons Animals

It's like Eliza Thornberry and Snow White rolled into one glorious bird/human friendship.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The proof is in the awkward pudding.

Images: Pixabay; Disney; Getty Images; Imgur