Past 'So You Think You Can Dance' Finalists Are Still Successful & Can Inspire The Current Contestants

Throughout its 12-season run, a ton of talented dancers have competed on So You Think You Can Dance. Some performers were truly unforgettable — especially those who made it far into the competition and stayed on your TV screen for months. So if you’ve been a fan since the beginning, you’re probably wondering where past So You Think You Can Dance finalists are now. It's hard to believe, but Season 1 premiered 10 years ago, so we have a lot of catching up to do.

Of course, there are a few past contestants who current viewers don't need to be reminded about. Longtime fans were excited to see Travis Wall, Season 2 runner-up, and Twitch, Season 4 runner-up, take on new roles this season as Team mentors. In this new Stage vs. Street format, there are two teams of dancers divided by style. The Stage dancers are headed by Wall, while the Street team is led by Twitch.

Getting to see our boys on the stage again — not that we ever lost track of Twitch from his roles in Step Up and Magic Mike — is partly why I started wondering what’s going on with other SYTYCD alumni. Where are some of the early stars of the show who got us hooked on the competition series so many years ago? Here’s a list of what some early favorites from SYTYCD are up to in 2015.

Nick Lazzarini, Season 1 Winner

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According to FOX, Lazzarini was a founding member of Shaping Sound Dance Company and is currently teaching master classes with the JUMP Dance Tour. He has also performed with Adele and Florence + The Machine! You can continue to follow his career on Twitter and Instagram.

Benji Schwimmer, Season 2 Winner

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I thought Season 2 had the best top four ever, and if you agree, you probably remember Benji as downright adorable. He competed alongside his dance partner and cousin Heidi Groskreutz — also in the final four — and stole our hearts. Since SYTYCD, Benji has won two USA Grand Nationals titles and first place (five times in a row!) at the US Open Swing Dance Championship. Benji is also teaching swing and posts some pretty cute stuff on Twitter, because of course he does.

Donyelle Jones, Season 2 Finalist

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Donyelle was part of the Season 2 dream team. She's graceful, gorgeous, and so much fun to watch! After SYTYCD, she competed briefly on America's Best Dance Crew with Artistry in Motion. She has taught classes at AMDA Collage and Conservatory of Performing Arts, Millennium Dance Complex, and The Edge Performing Arts Center. She and Benji are also still pretty great together on Instagram.

Danny Tidwell, Season 3 Runner-Up

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Danny is Travis Wall's brother and a phenomenal dancer and competitor in his own right. In 2009, Danny had his Broadway debut as a cast member in Memphis and he has performed on Dancing With The Stars. He also lived in Oslo as a soloist for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet. On the personal side, Danny got married in 2014!

Lacey Schwimmer, Season 3 Finalist

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Proving that dancing ability doesn't just run in families, it leaps, Benji's sister/Heidi's cousin, Lacey, showed off her moves in Season 3. Her Mia Michaels routine, "Time," makes me cry every time I see it, and may be my favorite SYTYCD piece ever. After the show, Lacey kept dancing on reality TV as a Dancing with the Stars pro. Throughout her DWTS run, she was partnered with Lance Bass, Steve-O, and Chaz Bono. She's also a pretty proud dog-mom on social media.

Sabra Johnson, Season 3 Winner

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Sabra currently teaches dance in New York. After SYTYCD, she spent a year with Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, danced internationally, and appeared on the cover of Movmnt magazine with Danny Tidwell in 2008.

If these past contestants are any indication, the SYTYCD Season 12 finalists should be pretty excited about their futures.

Image: Jeffrey Neira/FOX