This Baby And Bulldog Think They're Brothers

In case you needed one more reason to surrender your soul to the internet, these baby and bulldog pictures are going to make every other cute thing that's happened this week look hilariously minor by comparison. Unless you went on your dream vacation this week, or just got engaged, or both, in which case you have every right to tell me I'm full of it. But barring any major life events this week, this is going to be a big event in your day. Long story short, this baby and this bulldog were born on the same day and they think they're twinning in every possible way. To call them blood brothers might be an understatement. They're joined at the hip, hands, and clearly their hearts, and they wouldn't separate if their life depended on it.

Their mama, Chicago mother Ivette Ivens, insisted on taking home the French bulldog after she realized he was born on the same day as her son, because she thought it was fate. And it was, because Farley the bulldog and her son Dilan are inseparable. Ivens has a huge following thanks to her empowering breastfeeding photo series, and now people are flocking to her Instagram because of this new pup and baby series. And trust me, after you take a good look at this pics, you'll be flocking too. That being said, here are the seven most necessary baby/bulldog photos of all time:

1. Puppy Kisses

I would just like to witness a moment like this once in my life, please.

2. Friends Who Nap Together Stay Together

LOOK AT THEM HOLDING HANDS. Paw to paw, heart to heart. Can't lose.

3. Matching Diaper Situation

Am I the only one that's very aware of the fact that they have mustaches on their diapers?

4. Spoon Sessions For All

Got room for a third, friends? No? Okay.

5. Blinded By The Light

Wrapped up like a ... never mind.

6. A Whole New Best Friend

The bulldog that shares a birthday with this baby is so offended by this series I'm sure.

7. Kissin' Cousins

My heart just exploded. I'm done. Someone carry me home.

Images: Courtesy Of Ivette Ivens