The Randemojinator Mashes Regular Emoji Up Into Hybrids & Here Are 12 Times They'll Come In Handy

You know when you really want to express yourself — like really speak your mind — but you just can’t seem to find the right emoji for the job? Well, the Randemojinator has the answer: It can generate randomized emoji by mashing together the best features of all your favorite iMessage characters, thus allowing you to access your deepest feelings in emoji form. Created by 17-year-old developer Giacomo Randazzo, it's honestly just super fun to play with: All you have to do is click a button, and the site generates a new emoji by randomly picking and choosing different eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and accessories from all the face emoji that already exist. All I can say is this: Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

In case you haven't already figured it out, I'm a huge fan of the Randemojinator. I never feel like I can truly express my feelings through the small subset of emotions available through Unicode's official list of emoji. Does the side eye emoji really get across everything I'm feeling at any given moment, or does it just make me look mildly annoyed all the time? I don't know — and that's why the Randemojinator is so badly required: We need emoji that symbolize more than just vague annoyance or general happiness sometimes.

Does it deliver? You bet it does. It displays the honest of human emotions in the form of little yellow smileys in a way we've never seen before. Now, we finally have the emoji necessary to deal with these 12 situations — along with countless more:

1. Snapchatting Your Friends

The wackier you look, the closer you are.

2. When You're Hungover And... The Sun

It's like the solar system is punishing us.

3. When Someone Catches You Eating Their Food

Yeah, I know I'm in trouble, but I love you.

4. When You're Feeling Yourself

The face you make at your girls and they know y'all are going out tonight.

5. When You Narrowly Avoided Your Ex In Public

This just screams relief and slight insanity.

6. When You're Going To Be A Pain In The Ass

Yeah, I know I'm cranky and will fight with you about something totally unreasonable and irrational tonight... but I want to go out anyway, so let's go.

7. Everyone On A Sunday

We just don't care.

8. The Ruby Rose Face

The face you make when you see someone so attractive you basically want to stab your eyeballs out. But in a good way.

9. When Lack Of Sleep Has Literally Made You Insane

When you've stayed up for way too long.

10. When Someone's Flirting With BAE

Yeah, I know you're across the room, but I see you. Don't think I don't.

11. I Just Can't

Like when Donald Trump opens his mouth about anything gender-related.

12. No, Seriously, I Just Can't

And then he won't shut up about it.

Images: Randemojinator (13)