A Victoria's Secret Angel Beauty How-To

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Happy Victoria’s Secret show day, guys! Yep, we’ve seen all the costumes in pics already, we’re all over the T-Swift/Jess Hart brouhaha, but tonight... we get to watch all the feathers in motion!

The show is a roaring good time simply because it looks like the girls are having the time of their lives. So many fashion shows right now are so rigid (right down to backstage signage demanding models don’t smile at all) so it’s a breath of fresh, real air. Of course, while certain elements of the show are decidedly over the top (and the Daily Mail in particular thinks the Angels’ assets are at the top of that list) there is one element that’s always keeping it real: the hair and makeup looks. So real, in fact, that they're actually pretty easy to emulate at home, thanks to makeup master Dick Page’s fresh beauty look and Orlando Pita’s bedhead hair. Try it with us:

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