A Victoria's Secret Angel Beauty How-To

Happy Victoria’s Secret show day, guys! Yep, we’ve seen all the costumes in pics already, we’re all over the T-Swift/Jess Hart brouhaha, but tonight... we get to watch all the feathers in motion!

The show is a roaring good time simply because it looks like the girls are having the time of their lives. So many fashion shows right now are so rigid (right down to backstage signage demanding models don’t smile at all) so it’s a breath of fresh, real air. Of course, while certain elements of the show are decidedly over the top (and the Daily Mail in particular thinks the Angels’ assets are at the top of that list) there is one element that’s always keeping it real: the hair and makeup looks. So real, in fact, that they're actually pretty easy to emulate at home, thanks to makeup master Dick Page’s fresh beauty look and Orlando Pita’s bedhead hair. Try it with us:


Dick Page’s mantra for Angel Day: Don’t get in the way. “You’ve got a whole room of amazingly beautiful girls, so the whole point is to keep the beautiful.” As usual, the aim was for fresh, healthy skin so Page actually buffed the lip color (Makeup Color Drama Lipstick) over their noses and cheeks with a soft foundation brush before applying foundation for a light coverage.


Less is more — Page used the VS Makeup Eyeliner in Dark Chocolate to create tone around the eye, first applying along the lash line and then blending it upwards and out using a soft shadow brush. “There’s nothing graphic, no sharp lines. It’s all soft and diffused,” he said. The makeup equivalent to bedhead, as he explains it. Light contouring with chocolate and golden tones was then done with the Eye Quad in Eye Contact.


To keep lips kissable, the same color (Color Drama Lipstick in Melt) that was used on the cheeks was reapplied. Naturally nude lips are one of the best beauty tricks around for an amplified pout.


Natural, glossy, polished and tousled are all the buzzwords for an angel. Orlando Pita wanted all the girls’ individual look and styles to come through here (read: Karlie Kloss got to keep her crop), but to stay true to the Victoria’s Secret glossy bedhead ethos. The shine and glossiness came from the So Sexy Style Body & Hold Volumising Mousse with either a natural or side part, depending on the model’s natural look.


Of course there was a golden, shimmering tan. To get the luminous look that’s a VS trademark, Beach Sexy Bronzing and Runway Ready Body Care products were applied on the angels for a sexified glow.