Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013: How to Pull Off Our 18 Favorite Looks

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The much-anticipated and highly glitter-bombed Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place on Wednesday night. In 30 words or fewer: Taylor Swift performed, Candice Swanepoel wore a bra worth a cool $10 million, and the dudes from Fall Out Boy looked very, very short beside the models. It was all wings, legs, fairy dust, but we know exactly what you're thinking this morning: "How in the world do I style a $10 million fantasy bra? What's the best clutch to pair with my 13-foot angel wings? And do you have any tips for wearing a see-through body stocking to the office?"

To some, the Victoria's Secret show is a "fantasy," but to our industry-hardened eyes, it's just another ready-to-wear collection. As they say, "If you can't beat them, dress like them." Or is it "Dress for the modeling job you don't have?" Either way we've got a closet full of angel wings over here, and we know exactly where to wear them.

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