Vanessa Might Have Revealed Her 'BB17' Secret

Big Brother is all about keeping secrets.Most of the time, those secrets are who you are working with inside of the house and who you plan on evicting every Thursday night. But this season, Big Brother 17 's resident poker player Vanessa has been hiding the fact that she is a very successful poker player who has won a ton of money over the span of her career. Most people are playing this game to win $500,000, but for Vanessa she doesn't necessarily need that money. At least that's what she might have said.

Vanessa's best kept secret is the fact that she has a net worth of over $4 million. If the house was privy to that knowledge, Vanessa might've been gone a long time ago. But, because she has kept that secret, people don't have an extra reason to evict her. Unfortunately — or fortunately— her luck might have just run out. Recently, Vanessa might've slipped up and revealed that she's been hiding something that could change the future of the game for her. While talking to some of her fellow houseguests, Vanessa revealed that this game isn't about the money. Meanwhile, somewhere in Massachusetts, Jason is screaming at his TV from his mom's basement.

So let's dissect the importance of this little slip that Vanessa had. For some people, this might not set off a lot of red flags. Vanessa saying that this game isn't about the money might come off more that she is a huge fan of the show that just wants to play the game and win the game. We know that the Vanessa is a "superfan" of Big Brother. It wouldn't be that surprising for somebody to say that the money isn't why she was there, but that she was there to win a game she loved to watch at home. While that might still piss a lot of people off, because there are a lot of people that would love to win $500,000, at least it's not revealing the actual truth to why she would say something like that.

But, then there is the chance that Vanessa's comment could come off the way that it might've been meant. Vanessa having a net worth of over $4 million really puts a huge target on her back. There's a reason that a lot of houseguests who have careers that rake up a lot of money lie about those careers. Having a high-earning career is something that people are going to look to use against you any chance they can. Is that fair? Maybe not. But when $500,000 is on the line, people aren't necessarily worried about being fair. Right now nobody is commenting on Vanessa mentioning that this game is not about the money, but that could definitely come and bite her in the butt, especially if Shelley is looking for a last minute way to stay in this game.

Vanessa will need to play her cards right — HA! — from here on out. Constantly telling people that you're not there to win the money is going to give everyone a reason to say your name to Julie Chen come Thursday. Just keep the poker player thing on the DL, V. No one needs to know about it until you're running to the bank with another $500,000 after you win. Then again, Vanessa has become a bit of a loose cannon inside the house. Some people may find that she has lost that edge to win over the past couple of weeks. Can she regain her status as the controller of the house? Things change minute-by-minute. To keep up with Vanessa's game, check out Bustle's Big Brother podcast The Diary Room .

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS