This Smoky Eye Trick Will Make Your Life So Easy

by Jillian Ruffo

Finding the formula for a foolproof, always-flawless smoky eye is no easy task. We’ve all stared at an eye shadow chart and our favorite palette, trying to figure out exactly how much powder to apply to our crease and how far up to our eyebrows the color should go. Sure, there are those magical days when everything goes perfectly. But two in a row? If only we were all so lucky.

Until the time when all I had on me was a stick of black eyeliner. I could have opted for a cat eye, but my mood just wasn’t there. So in an attempt to get a smudged, smoky look, I applied the liner all over my lid and used my pinky to work it into place. There, before my eyes, was the smoky look of my dreams — and it only took about 30 seconds. I kept at it, using this technique time and time again, and eventually came up with a simple shape that worked the best. It was easy, saved time, and, best part of all, I could do it anywhere with just some eyeliner. See below for the how-to, and say hello to smoky eyes forever.

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Step 1: Line Your Lower Lash Line

Using a black kohl eyeliner, apply two to three coats of pigment to your bottom lash line.

Step 2: Color In Your Lid

Draw half of a half-moon shape — going from the outer corner of your lid to the middle — and color it in completely.

Step 3: Smudge Your Lid And Lower Lash Line

Starting from the middle of your lid, use a cotton swab to smudge the liner toward the corner of your eye, creating a faded effect. Work your way to the outermost corner, leaving it the darkest. Then, smudge the bottom line, working from your lash line down.

Images: Kenny Suleimanagich/Bustle