The 'RuPaul's Drag Race' Season 6 Supertease Might Be Full of Actual Magic

It's a few months away, but the supertease for RuPaul's Drag Race is HERE. YES YES YES YES YES. Hey, Monday? You ain't so bad. My roommates and I were just talking about how much we miss the show. RuPaul must've sensed we needed this clip. RuPaul is so good to us. We'll have to wait until Feb. 2014 to dig into new episodes, but the supertease is a great hors d'oeuvres.

After watching the supertease 29 times in a row, my mind is scrambled. Don't get me wrong, the supertease is incredible (why else would I have watched it 29 times in a row?), but now I can't remember the past seasons. So if there are any references/inside jokes in the preview, they're totally lost on me. Also, I'm not sure if this is a result of the mind-scrambling or what, but I'm convinced season six is going to be a season of magic. As in "spells will be cast." Just watch the supertease! It's full of sorcery. I don't think any special effects or editing tricks were used. It looks like actual magic.

...After reading that back, I realize how bonkers I sound. There's no way a minute-long clip messed with my mind that badly... right? Let me watch it for a thirtieth time and record my reactions/see if I snap out of it:

0:05 Where did they find those fish? Those fish are huge. Perhaps there will be a fishing challenge during season six! That must be what that means. So random!

0:09 Was that contestant cloned before our eyes? Did his drag doppleganger really appear out of thin air? Magic magic magic.

0:12 Hold up. Did that contestant go into a milk bath and emerge with a full face of makeup? What kind of milk makes up your face perfectly? Magic milk. It must be magic milk. I want magic makeup milk.

0:17 What's the significance of a tea party? I don't get it. Is the show sponsored by Lipton?

0:23 RuPaul blew stuff up, but the three nearby contestants did not flinch. They are fearless. Why? Probably because they conjured up a magical force field to protect themselves from the explosion.

0:31 RuPaul shoots glitter into the air, and the glitter falls on a contestant who then spins around and is suddenly in full drag. MAGIC GLITTER. I need that magic glitter.

0:33 A thunder/cannon-esque sound happens, and another contestant is magically dragafied.

0:46 Why is she in a library? I don't get it. Are the contestants going to make a "return your overdue books" PSA or something?

0:48 I wonder what READING TO FILTH is about. Wait, will there be a novel-writing challenge this season?

0:53 And with a flash of light, RuPaul transforms into a panther. Magic. Is. Real.

Ah. It looks like my brain is still on the fritz. The fritz... oven's on the fritz... peanut butter... I've... wait... it's all coming back to me...

CUZ JELLY DON'T SHAKE! My brain is back! I remember RPDR again! I understand the supertease!

Here's the supertease. Watch it 29 times in a row (if you dare):

Image: LogoTV