Ayissha Knows She's Been 'Catfish'-ed By Whitney

Another week, another perplexing Internet story. This week on Catfish , Ayissha and Sydney (or Whitney) have been talking for some time on social media. Unlike most Catfish stories, Sydney actually confessed to Ayissha that she was not the girl she let Ayissha think she was; her real name was Whitney, and Whitney had been using someone else's photos. Seems like Nev and Max's job just got a whole lot easier, right? Their job is basically done for them. Now, they can take it easy this week and just sit back and watch how Ayissha and Whitney's meeting goes down, right? Not so fast.

More often than not, Max and Nev are brought "cases" by unsuspecting Internet users who meet someone online and worry that they're not the person they say they are. Ayissha knows Whitney isn't Sydney, so that big reveal that we look forward to in each episode won't be as climactic as usual. Or will it? This wouldn't be the first time a "catfish" has admitted to lying, but it also wouldn't be that crazy to believe that "Whitney" isn't even the real catfish. We really don't know who to believe! What we can believe is that Ayissha isn't ready to let go of someone that she had such a deep connection with, whether it's Whitney, Sydney, or someone else. Enter Nev and Max.

Here's what we know about Ayissha and her catfisher Sydney/Whitney.

Met On Twitter

The two women met on Twitter. Ayissha is located in California and "Sydney" is located in Texas. Ayissha says that she was drawn to Sydney because she was posting things that she would post on Twitter. I guess relatability is nice, right?

Virtually Inseparable

These two were quite literally inseparable via the Internet, texting, and phone calls. No Skype calls, but does that really surprise you?

In Love

Ayissha says that she was in love with Sydney. Honestly, it sounds like the feelings are still there, even after the truth came out. After connecting with someone on such a deep level, it's nice to see someone internally battle with if they should still feel the same way about someone who knowingly lied to her.

They Broke-Up

Ayissha says that after trying to meet up with "Sydney," the arguments started flooding into their relationship. The two, who never met, eventually broke-up, but that wasn't the last Ayissha heard from Sydney. At a party, Ayissha kissed another girl and received a text that same night from Syndey saying "I have a feeling you're somewhere you're not supposed to be." Can you say creepy Internet intuition? Yeah, me neither. That's why I think Sydney was at the party.

Sydney Confessed To Lying

After the "I have a feeling..." text, Sydney confessed to Ayissha that she isn't who she thought she was. What does that mean? "Sydney" turned out to be Whitney — or so she says. Whitney sent her real photos of herself, again, or so she says. Ayissha still, up to the day she reached out to Nev and Max, feels like Whitney knows what she (Ayissha) is doing at all times. Could this be someone close to Ayissha, or did Whitney and Ayissha just connect on such a deep level, Whitney gained an intuition?

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