7 Bizarre 'Big Brother' Live Feed Happenings That You Never See On The Show

Oh, those Big Brother houseguests. They really do the darnedest things. Unfortunately 99 percent of the bizarre things that the houseguests do while in the Big Brother house never make it past the cutting room floor. But at least we have the live feeds to satisfy all of voyeuristic desires! During the summer, you can watch people be their weird selves for 24 hours a day on the Big Brother live feeds, and thank god for that. What else would I do with my days if I didn’t have Steve’s monologues to turn to or Meg’s drunken antics?

Not much! That’s for sure. Because the live feeds are pretty much the best part of the Big Brother viewing experience, in my opinion. And seeing the crazy stuff the houseguests get into while they’re in the house is the cream of the crop. I mean, just imagine if you were cooped up in a house with sixteen other people — people with big characters, at that — without access to the outside world, internet, television, or even music. You’d probably start coming up with crazy things to do to kill time, too.

So what have the houseguests been up to on the live feeds that never make it to the broadcast show? Here are some of the most bizarre moments:

1. Scare The Crap Out Of Each Other

Oh, that James and his practical jokes.

2. Wear Each Other’s Clothes

Is it weird that I think this is a look he should stick with?

3. Imitate Each Other

James made a fake Audrey and named her Faudrey. Looks pretty convincing.

4. Give Live Performances

While Audrey was holed up in the Have Nots' room before her eviction, she gave a bizarre and impromptu musical performance.

5. Get In On The Gossip

Apparently, the houseguests are also concerned about Austin’s girlfriend situation. And enjoy making fun of it relentlessly.

6. Pick On Each Other

What’s the point of having a twin twist if the two can’t ultimately torment each other?

7. Get Crafty

Or creepy? Either way, I appreciate that the houseguests are trying to woo the audience with creativity.

All of this bizarre activity is making me want to be a houseguest in the Big Brother house. Maybe all of the fun is worth the three months of paranoid gameplay? Oooooor maybe it’s not.

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Image: CBS