8 'Big Brother' Twists We Need To See

In the game of Big Brother, there's no such thing as an accident. The conspicuous absence of the BB Takeover since Week 4 has people scratching their heads and wondering when the other shoe is going to drop. The BB Takeover is definitely going to make a comeback but the question is, what will the Takeover twists entail? I have a few ideas of BB Takeover twists that should happen on Big Brother.

I can think of no better time to bring back the BB Takeover than when the house is coaxed into thinking that things are finally back to normal. The Battle of the Block is over, the twins are in the house, and we're back to one HoH per week. I would bet my first born child that the Takeover is going to make a comeback very soon. The house has been lured into a false sense of BB security, thinking that the game just got a lot simpler. The house is also overcome with drama now after Vanessa betrayed the Dark Moon alliance and put Jason up for eviction.

Tensions are at an all time high and there is no better way to tip the house into total chaos than a few choice BB Takeovers, like, perhaps, these epic twists from seasons past.

Pandora's Box

With the Pandora's Box twist, there is a Pandora's Box located in the HoH room and the HoH can choose to open it. The contents will either be something wonderful for the house accompanied by something terrible for the HoH or vice versa. It's risky but it's hard to resist and is sure to guarantee an entertaining ride.


This is the perfect twist to do while there's an uneven number in the house. And, right on the heels of Vanessa's betrayal for evicting Jason, the house is perfectly primed for sabotage, deception, and doubt.

Twin Twist, Part II

Just imagine this. Liz and Julia enter the house. Hurray, the twin twist is over! Hurray, the BoB is over! And then, in just a few weeks, BAM. The house finds out that there's another set of twins switching out. People would freak out.

Coup d'Etat

This twist is simple but powerful. The Coup d'Etat twist grants one person that ability to overthrow the HoH's nominations and choose who goes on the block. Chaos ensues

America's Player

There have been rumors in the house all summer about Steve being America's Player. How great would it be if Big Brother actually appointed an America's Player part way through the season and it wasn't Steve?

Previously Evicted Houseguests

They should bring back a previously evicted houseguest or two to stir things up. Audrey would certainly make some waves and Jace would definitely annoy people to the point of sheer madness.

Dynamic Duos

A great idea when there's an equal number of houseguests. We already have the Liz/Austin and Clay/Shelli thing going on. It would be interesting to force the rest of the housemates to pair up and compete as teams (and be nominated for eviction as teams). Some showmances could come to an abrupt end.

A Survivor Takeover

We all know that CBS loves cross-promoting their shows. They already did it with The Amazing Race. A Survivor takeover would be perfect. Jeff Probst could come in. The HoH selects another team captain. They choose teams.They have a grueling survival-based competition and the winning team is safe. The losing team has to vote to evict one of their own. They could even include a hidden immunity idol. It would be EPIC.

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