The Best Tweets Of The 2016 Election Show Candidates Taking No Prisoners On Their Way To The White House

It's no secret that Twitter is a huge part of the upcoming presidential election, which might explain why it seems like some of the candidates are vying to have the best tweets of the 2016 election. It makes sense: Twitter is an easy and accessible platform to get a message out quickly, and have thousands of potential voters retweet and be able to interact with the candidate. It's also the favored platform of many young voters, who will make up a very desirable voting bloc come next November.

As the campaigns get into full swing, some candidates are still finding their niche on Twitter, while others have come out swinging. Donald Trump, of course, is noted for his rampant use of the social media platform as a venue for his rants and an opportunity to call out people he dislikes. And while some of his tweets have turned off voters, when other candidates get sassy, we delight in it.

And Twitter users are loving it. More than one candidate's name has become a trending hashtag, from #BernieSoBlack to #DonaldTrumpsDiary. But as fun as those tweets were, the campaign tweets are even better. Maybe it's because we love seeing the candidates' humor shine through. Maybe it's because we love sass. Either way, these tweets are great.

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When George Pataki Had No Qualms Calling People Out

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When Lindsey Graham Decided Stay Optimistic After Trump Handed Out His Cell Number

And just think, we still have a year and a half until the actual election, which means there will be so many more Twitter fights, rants, and badly concealed subtweets in the future. Not to mention that we've only gotten through one primary debate so far. This is going to be a great election.