'Key & Peele' Bring Back Fan Faves For A Final Bow

by Keertana Sastry

As the series finishes its run with five episodes remaining, Comedy Central's brilliant Key & Peele is revisiting some fan favorite and lesser-quoted characters from its five-season run. On Wednesday night's episode "The Job Interview," we saw the return of the movie-obsessed valets as well as the return of Decker, the retired military specialist who has clearly been out of the game for much too long. You remember Decker, he was first featured in Season 2 episode "I'm Retired" when he is revisited by an old military buddy who needs Decker's help in finding new agents to recruit for a special mission and nothing more. At first Decker protests that he can't help but when he finds out that his services are no longer required, he demands to be considered for the job by prompting his friend to shoot him so he can catch the bullets and prove he still has his lightning-fast reflexes. While seeing Decker and the Valets is a real treat for loyal fans of the series, there are a few more characters that should make one more appearance before Key & Peele ends its run.

Season 5 has also already given us another installment of President Obama and his anger translator Luther (we also saw Hillary Clinton and her anger translator), Meegan has made an appearance with Andre, and Levi once again showed Cedric some strange things he has in his apartment. The Valets discuss Robert Downey Jr, Val Kilmer and the movie perfection that is Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. But the Decker return (which featured a special appearance from Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer) was especially entertaining and satisfying. Decker is briefed on his first assignment back on the job, but he's more intrigued by the fancy new tech the military has the job at hand.

When Decker sees a photo of his enemy displayed in hologram form, he freaks out and throws his nice at the photo, which lands square in Helfer's character's chest. She turns out to be a double agent, in a spot of good luck for Decker. So what other characters should return for their last Key & Peele hurrah?

1. Wendell Sanders

I'm not sure if anything can top Wendell's amazing music video "The Power Of Wings," but he's easily one of the greatest characters Key & Peele ever debuted. We need this Season 5 goodbye tour to include Wendell, frankly it's not a goodbye tour without him.

2. Mr. Garvey

What if Mr. Garvey and the East/West Bowl players found a way to collide? Can you just imagine how hard those names would be to pronounce to man who can't say Aaron, Denise or Blake? Or maybe the harder the name, the easier it is for him to pronounce. Either way, Key and Peele will know how to make this sketch crossover funny.

3. Brock Favors

Knowing Brock, he survived the impending helicopter crash from the last time we saw him and now his station is making him do something equally as terrifying. I need more Brock Favors stat!

4. DeVon The Landlord

The landlord doesn't always have the best material but Keegan Michael Key performs the crap out of him, making his sketches way funnier than expected. I wouldn't mind seeing DeVon discover that his model tenants smoke more crack than anyone in his building. I'd love to see how that plays out.

Images: Comedy Central (2)