Kim Zolciak's Daughter Brielle Biermann Is The Real Star Of 'Don't Be Tardy' & Here's Why

Don't Be Tardy is an old-school spinoff: take an eccentric supporting character, give her a big family with some sassy teens and cute babies, and introduce some wacky adventures for them. And just like any spinoff sitcom, the real breakout star of Don't Be Tardy is Brielle Biermann, Kim Zolciak's daughter, who's somehow reached her mother's level of reality TV watchability at just 18 years old. By the time she reaches 20, she could have her own Bravo spinoff of a spinoff. In the past few seasons of Don't Be Tardy, Brielle has tried to join the cheerleading squad, insisted that boys are gross but still gotten in trouble for partying with them, and had some very strong opinions about the car she should be allowed to learn how to drive in... and now, three seasons later, she's an adult, technically. How time flies.

But now Brielle is getting older, it's time to face the music, Don't Be Tardy fans. She might not always want to be a part of her mom's reality show. I mean, she's a college freshman now. But for now, since she'll be a part of Season 4, starting Aug. 16, I will enjoy watching Brielle (and her younger sister, Ariana) steal the spotlight on Don't Be Tardy. I mean, their mom has six kids to keep track of, so if she lets Brielle do the heavy comedy lifting, I'm happy.

She Might Switch Shows

The trailer for Don't Be Tardy Season 4 suggests that Brielle might be auditioning for a spot on E! News later this year.

She's Friends With Khloe Kardashian?!

Brielle is already making friends with Kardashians? She's inches away from joining a celeb squad..

She Recently Graduated

Brielle's probably one of the few high school grads to brave the ceremony in five inch heels, and I salute her efforts.

She's Already A Bravolebrity

Standing alongside the likes of Kyle Richards (who she calls her BFF) and Lisa Vanderpump, Brielle already has the hair of a Bravolebrity twice her age! Reality TV prodigy.

Her Squad Slayed Prom

Dead. Looks like the young ladies of Atlanta don't have to be kind of famous to show up to the prom dressed to the nines.

She Has A Boyfriend

Brielle's love life has always been a big part of Don't Be Tardy, mostly because Kim and Kroy have worried constantly about what will happen when she starts dating in earnest. Looks like so far their relationship is filled with cute IG pics, but if they were dating during the DBT season, I'm sure there was plenty of conflict leading to this young relationship.

Brielle Takes After Her Mom

Kim looks like all of her kids (yes, even the babies, you can already tell). But Brielle doesn't just look like Kim, she basically is a younger version of Kim. She has the same love for big hair, huge eyelashes, and a strong brow. She's also similarly loud, and loves to complain, just like Kim. And both are just natural born reality stars, so watching them potentially clash on Don't Be Tardy will make the show's fourth season super fun.

Image: Wilford Harewood/Bravo