23-Year-Old Shop Jeen CEO, Erin Yogasundram, Gives You A Site That Fufills All Of Your Meme-Worthy Apparel Needs

With things like Instagram, Tumblr, and emojiis basically taking over our lives, it's not surprising that Internet-age fashion is becoming wildly popular. E-commerce site Shop Jeen's CEO talked to The Cut, revealing what it's like to be 23 and bringing the '90s back with a social media-influenced twist.

The CEO, Erin Yogasundram, found her market by selling bright, meme-inspired, and definitively sassy clothing, basically combining what's trending now with her own personal style. Yogasundram even has a section of the site dedicated to things she loves. Combining an in-house Shop Jeen brand with finds from all over the web, the site definitely gives unique offerings to the younger crowd.

And with Yogasundram only in her twenties herself, the teen/young adult market is definitely playing into her site's selections. Yet being young can come with its issues, especially when it comes to business-related difficulties like managing.

“[Managing is] my weakest point," Yogasundram said in an interview with The Cut. "I’ve literally only been alive for 23 years.” Fair enough.

But with her young age comes an amazing eye for fashion and social media. From the site's super-successful Instagram account — the shop has over 400,000 followers — to its clearly popular fan base, it seems like Yogasundram definitely knows what she's doing.

So, if rainbow crop tops and emoji-related, outlandish apparel is your thing (which it definitely may or may not be), Yogasundram's site may be your dream come true.

There are fanny packs...

...graphic crop tops...

...phone cases...

...ankle-breaking flatforms...

...and neon cock rings. Naturally.

Shop Jeen really is here to make all your wardrobe's '90s-throwback fever dreams come true.

Images: via Shop Jeen, shopjeen/Instagram