These 'Sesame Street' HBO Memes Will To Prepare You To Watch The New HBO Episodes — MEMES

Sunny days are sweeping the clouds away, and Sesame Street has been saved. Sesame Street is going to be on HBO. Yes, HBO. The staple of childhood for two generations is moving from PBS to HBO for a five year deal. Episodes are still going to air on public television, but nine months after they initially debuted on HBO. This seems surprising and bizarre, but is a vital lifesaving move for Sesame Street to continue to produce new episodes.

"Our new partnership with HBO represents a true winning public-private partnership model," says Jeffrey D. Dunn, the CEO of Sesame Workshop, "It provides Sesame Workshop with the critical funding it needs to be able to continue production of 'Sesame Street' and secure its nonprofit mission of helping kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder."

This is indicative of huge shift in the media landscape. With premium cable, and streaming subscription services like Netflix and Hulu, subscription TV is all the rage, and is even permeating the children's television market. Netflix has producing kids' shows for quite sometime, and even has the whole childproof setting, so, now, gritty prestige channels like HBO see that it is lucrative to get into the kids' TV game.

Fans have a lot to say about this news partnership on Twitter, and here are the best reactions.

The Jon Snow Song


The Entourage Angle

One thing we know for sure is that Sesame Street knows how to make a better movie.

The Formula Fiend

No commercials, but more suspense.

The True Detective Squad

Season 2 would have been better received if Elmo was actually in it.

The Sopranos Alphabet

On Sesame Street, the sopranos are actually singers.

The Diversity Truth

Not just moody white men, but also moody yellow birds.

The Pitches

I'm all about the Count on True Blood.

The Teachable Moment

Dinarys Tergrain?

Ari Gold the Grouch

And Jeremy Piven.

The New York Times' Funny Line

You go, NYT.

The Gentrification Reality

It's sad because it's true.

The Super Grover

Sunny days sweeping the clouds away.

The Colin Ferrell Confusion

They've got the Season 3 theme song figured out.

This deal seems like it was made exclusively for Tweeters with Photoshop.

Images: HBO/ Sesame Workshop