17 Things You Never Noticed In ‘Passport To Paris'

Pretty much everyone in their 20s grew up watching Mary-Kate and Ashley, which means not only did you watch Full House, but you watched their mystery adventure show and, of course, their straight-to-DVD movies. And you loved every minute of them. From Billboard Dad to Our Lips Are Sealed, it didn’t really matter where Mary-Kate and Ashley were around the world, you were watching. Not to mention, you were pretty much envious of everything that they had. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen always had the best clothing, the cutest guys (Ashley more so than Mary-Kate, IMO), and the best vacations.

In the first of many articles about re-watching all the Mary-Kate and Ashley movies as an adult, I decided to start with Passport to Paris. It was always my favorite one growing up and the major thing I’m starting to realize about these movies are there there is really no real plot line. Sure, there are great shopping montages, and hanging out with boys, but beyond that it’s just MK and Ashley being MK and Ashley. (Not that I’m complaining.) So as an “adult” I re-watched Passport to Paris, where Mary-Kate and Ashley had to skip their spring break to go to Paris where their grandfather happens to be the U.S. Ambassador to France, and doesn’t have any time for them. So they meet a supermodel friend and travel around Paris with two young local boys. The struggle is super real.

1. Their Decked-Out Lockers

I remember being jealous of everything the Olsen twins had in their movies, but even their lockers at school were something to envy. Not only did they have speakers in their lockers to blast music between classes, but they had a lipstick turntable. I think I still want a lipstick turntable. #lockerenvy

2. Helene & Darlene Are The Cool Girls

Of course the popular cheerleaders names are Helene and Darlene! Because how could you be popular if you and your best friends don't have rhyming names?

3. Calling A Boyfriend "Squeeze"

Can we bring this back immediately?

4. Life If MK & Ashley Ruled The World

Everyone would wear bikinis because no one likes to fight in a bikini. So much logic in this theory.

5. Their Familiar Father

Their father is Lloyd Braun! It’s a Seinfeld thing.


You were only cool if you had a phone headset. Just sayin'.

7. Passing Notes In Class

Not only was it an art to get a note from one person to another, it was a lifestyle.

8. The Classic Dating Struggle

“What if we don’t get asked out again until we're like 20?”

9. There Are Pizza Huts In Paris

For all the people who are too picky for French food, you have a solid American staple (besides McDonalds of course).

10. Boy Scoping & Mall Trolling

Thank you, Mary-Kate and Ashley, for so accurately describing life in middle school.

11. The Louvre Montage

In case you forgot, there is a fabulous green screen montage moment where paintings are flying past the girls when they're at the Louvre in Paris.

12. The Horrible Stranger Danger Message Here

These girls are 12 years old and meet two boys on Vespas in France. This is pretty much the start of a Liam Neeson Taken movie. How did anyone allow this to happen?!

13. Mary-Kate’s Boyfriend's Famous Grandfather

In the movie, one of the french boys — Mary-Kate’s guy — is actually the grandson of Gregory Peck! You may remember him from a little movie called To Kill a Mockingbird where he played Atticus Finch. Maybe you know him as Audrey Hepburn’s escort in Roman Holiday. Yeah, he’s pretty famous.

14. The Baguette Fight At The Eiffel Tower

Forgot about this and somehow at 25 years old, I would still like to have a baguette sword fight in France. Is that too much to ask?

15. Butterfly Clips

No matter where or when I see butterfly clips, my day is instantly better.

16. The Treaty

The fact that the French Foreign Minister is convinced to sign a treaty after a two 12-year-olds spew nonsense at him makes me seriously question France's politics.

17. The Sneaky Casablanca Reference

“Allie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful adventure.” I just now noticed this because when I was 12, I had not seen Casablanca. So don't judge me, Louis!

Images: Screenshot/Warner Home Video (12); softerssoftest/Tumblr; mollysoda/Tumblr; isthisausername/Tumblr; angel—la/Tumblr (2)