'Fresh Prince' Is Getting A Fresh Reboot

by Alice Walker

It's official: '90s nostalgia has taken over the world. Riding the reboot wave that has seen popular 1990s shows like Boy Meets World and Full House get shiny new updates, word has surfaced that The Fresh Prince is getting a reboot. That's right, we're about to party like it's 1992 up in here. According to TV Line, Will Smith's production company Overbrook Entertainment is in the early stages of a new, present day show. Bustle reached out to Will Smith for comment, but have yet to hear back. The details are pretty sparse; all we know is that it will be the same 'fish out of water' vibe, and it will "maintain the spirit of the original." Smith will be on as the Executive Producer, and that one bit of information gives me the most hope for the show overall. He embodied the show that launched his career when it aired, and I don't think many people understood what made it work better than Smith.

Now, I was just as into Fresh Prince as any other '90s kid, so I am really hoping that they can recapture that magic and make some solid TV. However, I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around how this will actually work in this day and age. The vast part of the shows charm was pointing out class differences (in a gentle, joking way). We have an entire Internet devoted to that now. There are tons of shows and mediums that already expertly pick apart what's going on in the world. Now almost everyone has a computer, phone, access to all sorts of information, and thus this is a much more cynical generation. Is there any room for the smell ya later humor? I'm not too sure. Not to mention the fact that family comedies are struggling to make it these days (unless they're called Modern Family; then they're fine).

Plus let's face it, that show was such a phenomenon largely because of Will Smith's huge energy and charisma. With Smith staying behind the scenes, they will need a new charm machine to keep things going, and that is a lot of pressure for some future-reboot-Will-actor. I am giving everyone the benefit of a doubt that they are not going to just cast Jayden Smith and call it a day, because let's just not go there. But with the right actors, and an understanding of how to make a family sitcom work in this new television landscape, they could have something really great on their hands.

Beyond the overarching "how will this work" question, I'm optimistic about what's to come and already have a ton of questions that I want answered. Will it still be focused on the Banks family (like Girl Meets World)? Could this be little Geoffery all grown up and forced to move to Compton? Will Aunt Viv show up? What about the songs? There is still no word on if Smith will be singing a new show intro, or if they will just remix the old one. So many questions, stay tuned for answers! The '90s are making a comeback — again!

Images: NBC; Giphy