16 #LeftHandersDay Memes For All You Hip, Creative People Who Can't Hold A Mug Properly — PHOTOS

Brace yourself, for memes are coming: it's Left Handers Day (again, ugh) and all the people who bump elbows with righties are taking huge advantage of this one day to get their kicks in and B*TCH at the rest of us... but, like, in a fun way. The lefties of the universe have banded together and taken this holy day to remind us that they can’t write without smudging their own handwriting, nor can they use scissors or utensils properly. And don’t even get them started on holding mugs. Basically, left handed struggles are a very real thing and lefties all are a) more vocal than we thought, and b) pretty damn hilarious.

As you can probably guess by my whining, I’m right handed. And so I can write perfectly fine, and holding a teacup has never been a dramatic affair. I’m perfectly good to sit next to around the dining table at Thanksgiving dinner too. My brother is, however, a lefty, so I’m hoping I got some of his ~special snowflake creative gene~. Though perhaps that’s wishful thinking.

Whether you’re celebrating yourself today, or your siblings, parents, significant other or best friend, enjoy your day. (And if you’re wishing it was almost over, don’t worry, we’re almost there, righties.) Here are 16 pieces of internet hilarity that came out of #LeftHandersDay

1. The Oprah Gif

2. A Chart That Drops Truth Bombz

3. This Joke That No One Lost Any Sleep On

4. Left Handed Celebs


6. Strong Left Handed Babes

7. Exclusivity Posts Because If You Haven't Heard, Lefties Are V Special

8. Left Power

9. Beatles Enthusiast Memes

10. Hands In The Air

11. Inspirational Messages

12. The French One, Because Why The Hell Not

13. An Obvious Spread Of All The Times Being A Lefty Blows

14. The One Where The Kitties Of Insta Got Involved

15. And An Additional Truth Bomb Meme

16. An Important ECard For Your Lefty Loved Ones

Cherish them today, won't you?

Images: Fox