Introducing A New Line Of Body Posi Workout-Wear

by Melodi Erdogan

Mesley Guzman wanted to create plus size workout clothing to empower and encourage women to stay active and confident, no matter their size or shape. As the founder and CEO of Malesh Activewear, that's exactly what she did. Joining the ranks of Katie K Active, Full Beauty Sport, and other high-quality plus size workout clothing brands, Malesh Activewear promotes a body positive image by "encouraging women to be their most confident selves and embrace the present, instead of trying to live up to unrealistic expectations," according to its Instagram page.

Offering plus size women cute, affordable, and supportive workout clothes from sizes 12 to 24 and ranging from $14 to $86 per item, Malesh Activewear is helping spread the crucial message that every woman deserves to feel confident, motivated, and beautiful when exercising. Staying active shouldn't have to come with a heap of discouragement and let-down over a lack of activewear above a size 10.

Prioritizing health at every size over thinness, Malesh Activewear is perfectly aware that plus size women should have just as many workout options as their straight size counterparts. Guzman also wanted to create handmade, made in the U.S.A. pieces that not only empowered women to be active, but also gave them self love and body positivity beyond the gym.

In an article Guzman wrote for, "You Don't Have To Be A Size 0 To Sport This Activewear," she describes the origins of Malesh Activewear further. When speaking to her sister one day, she asked Guzman to make her a pair of leggings. Her sister is plus size, and explained that she can't simply buy colorful, cute workout clothes from the store because they're usually not available in her size.

Guzman asked herself a thoughtful question: "Why didn't brands design beautiful activewear for plus sizes?" After designing her sister that pair of leggings, Malesh Activewear was born.

"I created Malesh Activewear to give curvy women beautiful, fashionable, luxurious activewear that will inspire them," Guzman wrote in the article. "There's no valid reason why any woman shouldn't feel her best while working out, running errands, and just being active, especially if fashion is the roadblock."

Blossom Tank Top Hot Pink, $58,

The brand's online shop offers all your workout basics, from "Confidence Leggings" to "Blossom Tanks" to "Sprinter Shorts." The pieces come in a variety of colors and each item is designed specifically with comfort and confidence in mind, from the 4-inch waistband on the leggings to the princess seam detailing.

Sprinter Shorts, $58,

Bold Leggings, $86,

Ultimately, the message behind Malesh Activewear is one to be celebrated. No one, no matter their size, shape, or figure, should feel discouraged from working out. And no one should feel un-catered to by the fashion industry.

As Guzman wrote in her article, "It's time that being active is for every beautiful woman not just some."

Preach, girl.

Images: Courtesy Malesh Activewear/Mesley Guzman