'People Places Things' Features The Cutest Kids

People, Places, Things is one of the most endearing films of the summer, and one of the most endearing aspects of the film is the protagonist's relationship with his daughters. Will Henry, a New York City-based graphic novelist who teaches at the School of Visual Arts, is struggling to be a good dad to his young twin daughters while also dealing with the fact that his wife cheated on him, then left him. Jemaine Clement plays Will, and the father-daughter chemistry between his character and his little girls is cheek-pinching precious. So who plays the daughters in People, Places, Things ? They're brand new to the scene, and they're freaking adorable.

Aundrea Gadsby plays daughter Clio, and Gia Gadsby plays her twin Colette [I know, even the character names are precious]. If you couldn't tell based on their photos, Aundrea and Gia Gadsby are identical twins just like the little girls they're portraying. People, Places, Things is the first major motion picture appearance for both of them, and in fact, it's their very first IMDB credit as well. But don’t think that these young ladies will be one-hit-wonders; they’re already confirmed to play Jennifer Lawrence’s daughters in the upcoming film Joy . There's something about twins that makes cute kids even cuter — remember how much the world drooled over Mary Kate and Ashley back in the days of their VHS empire? The Gadsby girls are a perfect demonstration of this phenomenon, as it's hard to look at them without feeling a tug on your heartstrings. Take a look at the new actresses in the film's trailer:

So sweet, right? Here are some more examples of how aw-worthy these little starlets are:

Bonding Time With Jemaine Clement In People Places Things


Dressing Up On The Red Carpet

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Those little dresses! Their height! Clearly the girls are red-carpet ready at this premiere.

Matching Each Other

Matching is always an acceptable fashion statement as a twin. For the rest of us, not so much.

Even if you're not a kid person, it's hard to deny that these girls are the sweetest thing ever. They also hold their own on the big screen, which is pretty hard to do when you're that small. I'm excited to see Aundrea and Gia Gadsby alongside Jennifer Lawrence in Joy, and to see what's next as the Gadsby girls literally and figuratively grow as actors. But in the meantime I'm totally content to gush over them in People, Places, Things, in theaters now!

Images: The Film Arcade, JenLawFilms/Twitter