'Big Brother 17' Final 2 Deals Are Popular, But Which Actually Have The Power To Make It?

Big Brother 17 is finally at the point of the season where things start to really heat up. Starting with Thursday's Double Eviction, every houseguest evicted from here on out goes straight to the Jury House rather than heading home, and this makes for some interesting game play. There's a fine art to evicting people into Jury, and you need to be careful about making bold moves without pissing anyone off too much. As Vanessa said to Becky this week, you don't want a bitter jury member come finale night. Still, there's a lot of game left to play, and this is usually when we start seeing more and more final two deals made on Big Brother .

Final two deals are quite simple. They're the houseguests' way of saying, "If we make it to the final three and I get to pick who sits next to me for that final eviction, I'm picking you!" This is how Season 16 winner Derrick and runner-up Cody made it to the end: they had a final two deal from the second week of the game and were able to honor it the whole way through.

While many of the final two deals have already disappeared thanks to this season's evictions, there are still a few in play. Of course, which one will really make it to the end is another question entirely! For more on this season's many alliances and partnerships, check out Bustle's BB17 podcast, followed by the current standings of final two deals.

Vanessa & Shelli

Although they never solidified their deal after Clay left, Vanessa and Shelli looked like the best bet for a final two to take it to the end. Of course, that seems unlikely with both of them on the block this week, but with a jury member re-entering the game at some point, it's still possible!

John & Steve

As two of the outsiders in the game, John and Steve are perfectly suited for a final two deal. Sadly, John started telling everyone about it, so that it even made its way back to Steve. Part of the problem is, John doesn't think Steve will make it that far, but things aren't looking so hot for him right now either.

Vanessa & Steve

The Freaks & Geeks alliance (Vanessa, Steve, Austin, Liz, Julia) hasn't aired on TV episodes of Big Brother, but that was the start of Vanessa's bond with Steve. A couple of weeks ago, they committed to a final two deal, but it's hard to think either of them is sticking with it, given Vanessa's paranoia and Steve's suspicions of her.

Vanessa & Austin

When Vanessa was considering backdooring Austin, she brought up their final two deal as a way to explain why she was so upset about him lying to her. We all know how much Vanessa hates liars. This deal supposedly goes back to day two and was reinforced when Austin promised that he'd concede to prove his loyalty to her if she does still take him to the final two. That is an offer you can't refuse in the BB house.

Liz & Julia

Well, this one's just obvious. It's hard to imagine the other houseguests will let this happen, but Liz and Julia clearly have a final two deal. There's nothing getting in the way of that, not even Austin's ponytail beard.

Image: CBS