Why Living Alone Is The Absolute Best

If you live alone, you’ll fully appreciate this BuzzFeed Video detailing the 9 reasons living alone is the best. Living by yourself gives you the liberty to decorate a space exactly as you want it, and it means you don’t ever have to worry about whether your roommate is sleeping, or wonder who ate your last handful of pita chips that you’d been looking forward to all day. It’s peaceful and simple, and you don’t have to close the bathroom door. It’s a space to call just your own and you can live it up, or tone it down, to your exact liking.

I have a love/hate relationship with living alone. I lived alone for exactly 10 months and I loved having my own space, not having to worry about anyone else, having the fridge all to myself, and not feeling bizarre about my weird checking locks obsession. However, it was also a little scary to live alone — I’m not a fan of loud noises or creaky pipes when I’m home alone. And not having someone around to hang with, b*tch about life with, or split utilities with is also a drag. My point is, for me, going back to living with a roommate was a good choice. But if you’re set on living alone, power to you, and may you find love in this BuzzFeed video. Here are a few of the reasons why nothing beats living alone:

1. Clothing Is Optional

And sometimes you just need to walk around the apartment naked. It's good for your morale.

2. No One Eats Your Food

One of the biggest problems with roommates is that (even though you love them) your fancy cheese is never safe.

3. You Finally Have Quiet

And peace. And glory. And happiness.

4. You Can Pee With The Door Open

The ease that comes with using the restroom without having to use any sort of ~behavioral parameters~ is glorious.

Watch The Full Video To Find Many More Affirmations On Why Living Alone Is The Best:

I miss having dance parties by myself.

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