Is CeCe Really A On 'Pretty Little Liars'?

by Kaitlin Reilly

Did you get all of your answers, Pretty Little Liars fans? The Season 6A finale, which promised to reveal all about A when we came "face to face" with the black hooded figure, certainly did drop some major truth bombs on its audience: In the episode, CeCe was revealed to be Pretty Little Liars' Big A. While her mother was (mostly) understanding of CeCe's desire to identify as a girl, her father was not, and when Kenneth DiLaurentis was given the opportunity to send her away to Radley for good, he took it. She was eventually able to reemerge at Radley as her true self, Charlotte, before ultimately changing her name again so she could see her brother and sister. CeCe was, thus, born, and eventually, she became A. Except, now some fans aren't so sure if CeCe really could be A.

Did Pretty Little Liars drop the ball by revealing Big A as CeCe? I like to hope not, considering that creator I. Marlene King recently told ET Online that this specific storyline was in the works since early on in Season 3. With all of the twists and turns that Pretty Little Liars has given us over the years, it makes sense that not everything will fold into a neat little box — but some of these things are downright head-scratching.

Here are some of the reasons why people are calling BS on CeCe being A... even if she's the only one we're getting:

1. The Marion Timeline Is Wonky

The above GIF shows CeCe at her birthday party, which she celebrates with Jason and Ali under the guise that she is really their cousin "Freddy." At the time, Ali and Jason are young, and are portrayed by young actors. The actor who plays CeCe in the birthday video is the same actor used in a flashback at Radley, when Bethany pushes Marion off the roof to her death. Here's the wonky part: we actually see Ali and Toby in a flashback as teenagers when Marion is still alive. If CeCe is supposed to be several years older than both Ali and Toby, then why was she a child when Marion died?

2. How Did CeCe Know Everyone In Rosewood?

CeCe was at least friendly with Melissa's crew at Rosewood, and apparently dated Jason for around a year. She was also pals with Noel's brother and seemed to have a lot of other friends at the party that they went to at Kahn's cabin. Did CeCe get super popular the summer she spent at Cape May, or does her story just not add up?

3. How Could She Be Red Coat And A At The Same Time?

One of the closest encounters that the girls have with CeCe is in Ravenswood. At the time, there are two red coats: one is Ali, and one is CeCe. We now know that it was CeCe who put Emily in a box and loaded it up to a saw mill, because that's a very A thing to do. The only problem here is that, at the time, CeCe was also working for Ali in order to "distract A." So... was CeCe chasing herself around the entire time?

4. Wilden's Connection Is Confusing

First question: how old is Wilden?!? Because this timeline makes no sense. According to CeCe's flashbacks, he was the person that CeCe's mother Jessica paid off in order to rule Marion's death a suicide. Then, several years later, he hangs out with Ali and CeCe in Cape May. After that, he's paid off by Jessica again to make sure CeCe goes back to Radley. Wilden would have had to be a REALLY young cop — or, perhaps, too young to even be a cop — for this timeline to work out.

5. How Did No One Recognize CeCe Impersonating Ali?

We know that CeCe went to Mona when she was a patient in Radley, and it makes sense why Mona might not recognize her later — she was pretty doped up on medication. What doesn't make sense is why people like Wren or nurse Eddie Lamb wouldn't recognize her. Why would Wren need to make up a visitor's pass for CeCe if CeCe was a patient at Radley?

6. This Flashback Makes No Sense

If CeCe was already a patient in Radley, why would Radley call Jessica? Or, if CeCe faked the phone call, why would Jessica be surprised to see CeCe wearing Ali's clothes? Wasn't it Jessica who was buying the clothes for her in the first place?

Perhaps these are just some tiny plot holes across three seasons of mystery... or maybe we'll get some more answers about Cece when Season 6 returns. Either way, the Big A reveal was completely jaw-dropping — and that's exactly what was promised.

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