These 6 'PLL' Plot Holes Deserve An Explanation

So … this is what life looks like in a post-A-revelation world. I gotta say, I thought it would feel a tad more satisfying. But the Pretty Little Liars season six summer finale left a surprisingly bitter taste in my mouth. Not just because PLL essentially villainized its one and only transgender character (though that certainly played a very significant role in the matter), but also because unmasking CeCe Drake as Big A made absolutely no sense from a mere plot point of view. I mean, there are just so many ways that this storyline doesn't add up. You'd think that given the six-season timespan the writers have had to work on this, there wouldn't be any major plot holes in CeCe being A. Alas, that is definitely not the case.

Fans of the series have more than proven that they possess phenomenal detective skills throughout the years. (We laugh in the face of anagrams.) So it should come as no surprise that viewers like Tumblr's ariaxmona immediately found CeCe's complex (and admittedly heartbreaking) backstory to be littered with inconsistencies. Overall it makes about as much sense as some of Aria's wardrobe choices. For more on Big A and PLL's many reveals, check out Bustle's podcast below. Then read on to see some of the most glaring errors fans could find in "Game Over, Charles."

1. Marion Cavanaugh's Death

According to CeCe's recollection, she was 12 years old when Bethany killed Toby's mom on the Radley rooftop. But that's impossible, since Toby's flashback in the season four premiere revealed that his mom was still living at home when he and Alison (who are both significantly younger than CeCe) were teenagers. Does. Not. Compute.

2. Detective Wilden's Involvement

Unless Wilden has been taking some magical Paul Rudd serum for many years, there's no way he was old enough to be Mrs. D's dirty cop friend who ruled Marion's death a suicide, especially if we're sticking to this story of CeCe being 12 years old at the time. That would make Wilden a high schooler at best, and I doubt that police academy starts training that early.

3. CeCe's Radley Visitor Pass

If CeCe's little visits with Mona were happening when they both at Radley, why did she need a visitor's pass to go see her? And more importantly, why did Wren authorize it? Shouldn't he have already known that CeCe was a patient? She may have been going by a different name than Charlotte, but her face is exactly the same.

4. CeCe Was Prom Queen Of Rosewood High

That's what the school's yearbook said. How is that possible when SHE DIDN'T EVEN GO TO ROSEWOOD? Help me understand, you guys.

5. The Jason Factor

CeCe dated HER BROTHER. We are actually supposed to believe that nothing romantic ever transpired between the two of them? Umm, OK. And then she goes and blames his many problems on the fact that he's just super horny from not getting any? There is just so much wrong with this entire subplot. I don't even know where to start.

6. Alison's Bracelet

We see it on her when CeCe accidentally hits her over the head with a rock. So how does it eventually make its way to Bethany Young's wrist later on? Either a copy bracelet is involved, or there's a serious glitch in the PLL matrix.

For a totally different take on the series' mysteries, watch PLL virgins try to figure it all out in the video below.

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