JoJo Performs New Song "When Love Hurts" & It’s Official: Her Comeback Is Going To Be Amazing — VIDEOS

Life is good: On Tuesday, pop singer JoJo announced she's releasing three new singles on Aug. 21. Ah, all is right with the world. Wait a minute... three new singles? From JoJo? On the same day?? Yup, it's true! The now 24-year-old "Leave (Get Out)" hit-maker is staging a comeback almost nine years after the premiere of her last album — and her motto appears to be, "Go big or go home." What took her so long? Well, as BuzzFeed explains, JoJo was locked in a legal battle with her former record label, Blackground Records, for seven years. During that time, it was very difficult for her to release new music. Fortunately, she was finally set free from her contract at the end of 2013 and signed with Atlantic Records. JoJo recently performed "When Love Hurts" — one of her three new songs — live at a promotional event and it sounds fantastic.

"When love hurts/That's how you know it's real," the diva belts on the up-tempo dance track's soaring chorus — and you better believe she's serving vocals! JoJo has been out of the game for a long time, so I honestly don't know if pop radio is going to embrace her again. However, I do know this: If "When Love Hurts" were Katy Perry's new single and it sounded this good, people would be losing their damn minds right now (and rightly so).

Check out a few snippets of JoJo performing "When Love Hurts" below.

Jefferson Quintanilha on YouTube

Trying to successfully launch three different singles at the same time is pretty ambitious — I hope JoJo is able to pull it off. I'm really looking forward to hearing more from her.