10 Coffee Mugs That Are Wine Glasses In Disguise

Coffee is great and everything, and I legitimately must thank whoever discovered caffeine for getting me through college, and for making it possible for me to do the whole life thing on a daily basis since I graduated. But as wonderful as coffee may be, wine is arguably better. Either way, make sure you're always prepared to drink one or the other with these hilarious coffee mugs that are actually wine glasses in disguise.

As most people know, nothing goes better with a glass of wine than a perfectly portioned dose of snark. On that front, these adorable mugs deliver that and then some, because we're all comfortable enough with our drinking habits to own up to getting our wine on regardless of the opacity of our chosen vessel. It's like wine-ception, and these mugs are Leo DiCaprio's magic spinning top — I'm pretending to pretend this coffee mug isn't full of chardonnay, but we all know I'm pretending to pretend because the mug never stopped spinning... or... something like that.

But I digress. As I've said before, there is no such thing as too many coffee mugs, so find one that will help you get through the morning and into happy hour. Here are 10 awesomely snarky wine glasses in disguise. Salud, and cheers!

1. There May Be Wine In Here Mug

Maybe I like drinking out of cups with handles because I'm clumsy, OK?

There May Be Wine In Here Mug, $19.99, SipHipHooray/Etsy

2. I Do Yoga To Relieve Stress Mug

Drinking wine in yoga pants is an underrated fitness activity. It's absolutely good for the heart.

Funny Yoga Mug, $16.02, TheBestOfMeDesigns/Etsy

3. I Wish This Was Wine Mug

This mug employs Twitter-esque irony — in just 41 characters, no less. That's totally topical in 2015.

I Wish This Was Wine Coffee Mug, $16.99, cottonberrydesigns/Etsy

4. I Just Rescued Some Wine Mug

Show off your generous side.

I Just Rescued Some Wine Coffee Mug, $15, FoxyMug/Etsy

5. Let's Stay Home Mug

Basically, my boyfriend and I have this conversation whenever our alarm clock goes off. This mug gets us.

Let's Stay In Mug For Bloggers, $16.02, TheBestOfMeDesigns/Etsy

6. It's Decaf Mug

Yeah, wine isn't caffeinated (sticks tongue out behind your back like a grumpy child).

Hand-Lettered Modern Script Coffee/Wine Mug, $14.15, SayItPrettyDesigns/Etsy

7. Dual Personalities Coffee/Wine Mug

Coffee on one side and wine on the other, just like your elementary school English teacher.

Ceramic Coffee Mug/Wine Mug, $16, PaperPatchMarket/Etsy.

8. Mug For When You Just Want To Drink Wine & Save Animals

It's good to have priorities, ya know?

Drink Wine Save Animals Mug, $9, BlackCatPrints/Etsy

9. Mug For When You're Just Biding Your Time

*Googles "what time is it acceptable to drink wine?"*

Coffee Keeps Me Going Mug, $15, LeMarigny/Etsy

10. I Drink Coffee Because I Need It Mug

Truer words, y'all.

I Drink Coffee Because I Need It Mug, $18, SouthernSpruce/Etsy

What does the perfect glass of wine look like? Check out our video below, and visit Bustle on YouTube.

Images: Etsy