15 Memes Every Liberal Can Appreciate, Because The Republican Party Is The Source Of Bad Legislation And Great Jokes

There are lots of issues liberals can generally agree on — abortion, gun control, the environment, minimum wage, and most importantly, making fun of Republicans. These issues unite us and make us a giant, diverse club of mutual understanding and support. If you're ever uncomfortable in a room full of people, you can always seek out your fellow liberals and discuss whatever political problem your hearts desire. Conversation topics that are normally taboo in social settings, like police brutality and medical research on fetal tissue, are fair game with other Democrats. The Internet is also a great platform to find a liberal community or let your political rants flow freely, and there are countless memes that every liberal can appreciate.

Memes are the perfect outlet for all your pent-up frustrations with Republican politicians' decisions and the overall state of the country. The 2016 election is already in high gear, and hearing the Republican candidates talk about polarizing issues is bound to upset liberals — I mean, just the comments about abortion at the GOP debate Aug. 6 were enough to make some heads explode. What better way to get your Democratic view across and relieve tension than with a sarcastic comment on top of a hilarious photo?

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