13 Things You Didn't Know About Legal Sex Work

In light of Amnesty International's recent push to decriminalize sex work, Nevada sex worker Sarah Greenmore decided to host a Reddit IamA, answering user questions about the life and times of selling sex for a living. She works at one of Nevada's legal brothels, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, which you might remember from the HBO docuseries Cathouse. While all the sex workers are paid as independent contractors, the ranch takes 50 percent of their earnings, plus a daily rent fee to live on-site. Meaning, like in any service industry, tips are important.

Greenmore, like most sex workers, supports the decriminalization of sex work, as it protects the rights of sex workers, while punishing abusers and exploitative acts. It's important to note that sex workers and survivors of sex trafficking are two different groups of people; sex workers work autonomously (though dangerously in places where sex work is illegal) and by choice as consenting adults, while sex trafficking survivors are coerced into having sex for money against their will. Interestingly, though, Greenmore doesn't necessarily support legalization, fearing that over-regulation will make sex work inaccessible to those who don't have the money for "start-up costs."

Here are 13 other things about sex work Greenmore enlightened us on in her IamA:

1. A Day In The Life

2. Yes, Her Female Clients Are Attractive

3. And Honestly, None Of Her Clients Are Repulsive

4. The Best Lube For The Job Is The One That Literally Regrows Your Vagina

5. Barebacking Is 100 Percent Verboten

Or you'll pay...

6. Also, Don't Try To Go Down On Her

7. Clients Who Are Disabled (And Their Caregivers!) Are Welcomed And Accommodated!

8. Sex Workers Hate Leg Day, Too

9. Bring Condoms You Know Will Fit Your Special Penis

10. SWERFS (Sex Work Exclusionary Feminists) Are The Fucking Worst

11. Old Men Love It When You Hold Their Hand During Blow Jobs

12. The One Who Got Away...

13. Here's Why She Supports Decriminalization, Not Legalization

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