The 'BB17' Double Eviction Ruined Everything

It's been a crazy week inside the Big Brother house. With all-time floater Becky at the helm, Vanessa and Shelli found themselves in serious danger. But unlike past weeks when we knew who was going to be evicted on Thursday, we really didn't know if Shelli or Vanessa would leave the Big Brother 17 house. It was Vanessa one day, then it was Shelli the next. Then an hour later, it was back on Vanessa. Oh, and on top of that it's double eviction week, so really anything could've happened on Thursday. Ultimately, Shelli and Jackie were evicted from Big Brother, making this one of the most upsetting episodes of the season — and this is the season that gave and then took away Clay Honeycutt.

Shelli's eviction really comes down to the fact that she is a really good competitor. Even though the houseguests didn't know that this was a double eviction week until the live show, Shelli participating in competitions right after coming off the block would have been really dangerous for those she would want to target. In the past, Shelli has proved to be a competition beast, so her leaving is purely strategy, since Vanessa hasn't been as strong of a competition player.

Something Shelli would be happy to hear is that her apparent bestie Steve won HoH after she was evicted, though I do not agree with her there. Since he chose to nominate Meg and Jackie, I thought there might be another plan in action. Steve has expressed interest in targeting Becky multiple times, so I figured the ultimate goal was to backdoor her. Unfortunately, after a speedy PoV competition, Johnny Mac kept the nominations the same (after conferring with Steve, might I add), leading to Jackie's eviction. As someone who has been seriously rooting for Jackie, I was basically traumatized.

The worst part of all? It may have all stemmed from a "miscommunication," as Jackie called it. After she left the house (still not over it), Jackie explained to Julie Chen that someone had told Steve she planned to backdoor him when she was HoH — which is false. She actually wanted to get rid of Austin that week, but it was too late. Jackie is joining Shelli, just minutes after the first jury member was sent packing.

At this point, I don't care who is evicted between now and the week that a jury member is allowed to re-enter the game: I will support Jackie until the bitter end of Big Brother 17.

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Image: Sonja Flemming/CBS