What Will Clay & Shelli Do When 'BB' Ends?

As the weeks go by on Big Brother, the stakes get higher and the tension mounts as alliances are uncovered, betrayals are discovered, and promises are broken. As time goes on, lines in the sand are drawn and targets are selected. The latest on the chopping block? None other than Big Brother's resident Barbie and Ken, Clay and Shelli. Clay and Shelli are both up for eviction and their worst dreams are coming true as they face saying goodbye to their fellow showmancer. But what will Clay and Shelli do when Big Brother ends for them?

It might be this week; it might be weeks down the road. The Big Brother journey is going to come to a close for them one way or another and that leaves Clelli 'shippers wondering what is to come of their flaxen haired lovebirds.

Will Clelli finally kiss? Will they become the next Jordan and Jeff? Will their relationship stand the test of time? Or will they fall prey to the Big Brother curse and end their showmance in a fiery pit of despair? As they say, in Big Brother, anything can happen and Clay and Shelli are no exception. But that doesn't mean I can't speculate as to what Clay and Shelli will do once their stay on Big Brother is over.

Make Sweet, Sweet Love

Let's be real: Clay is suuuuuper into Shelli. And despite Shelli's rather impressive displays of self-control, there's no way she's not into Clay. I mean, look at them. It is my sincerest hope that the minute both of those two are out of the house that they will find the nearest hotel and jump each other's bones. That's seriously quite the build up of sexual tension.

Part Ways and Never Look Back

Though Clay and Shelli have put up a good front and genuinely seem to enjoy each other's company, perhaps they are just great actors. We already know that they are strong gameplayers; it seems only fitting that they would also be adept at faking a showmance to get them ahead in the game. Maybe they'll get evicted and walk away from Big Brother without so much as a glance in the other's direction.

A Date to Outback Steakhouse

One can only eat so many frozen pizzas before you start to crave the finer things in life. Clay got a taste of that sweet, sweet 'Australian' cuisine during his romantic Outback date with James and I can only imagine it left him hungry for more. Perhaps Clay's first move out of the house will be to whisk Shelli away in his Jeep Wrangler and treat her to a full five course meal complete with a Bloomin' Onion, bottomless Wallaby Darned's, and Shrimp on the Barbie. [I hope you just imagined the above sentences in the cheesy Outback commercial guy's fake Australian accent because that's how I intended it to be read]

They'll Go The Distance

As a former long distance relationshipper, LDRs are no walk in the park. Though Shelli is worried about Clay's raging twentysomething hormones taking over and making him bang a bunch of college chicks, perhaps Clay will stay true to his word and go the distance for Shelli.

Clay Will Bang a Bunch of College Chicks

In the alternative scenario to the one above, Clay could do just what you'd expect a mind-blowingly hot football player/'graduate student' to do: bang a bunch of hot college chicks. Sorry Shelli, your 'ship sailed along with your chance at 500k.

Date For a Bit, Followed By a Nasty Public Breakup

Big Brother tends to attract those who are inclined to drama and so a post-BB relationship seems like it would be the perfect site for chaos. Though neither Clay nor Shelli seem particularly crazy, relationships (especially long distance ones) bring out the worst in people. Maybe they will date and then, when things get ugly, Clelli supporters and haters alike will get to watch their relationship crash and burn with glee via Twitter.

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