Michael G. From 'BiP' Has An Impressive Job

During Week 2 of the show, Michael Garofola joined Bachelor In Paradise and immediately had girls swooning over his good looks and high-powered career. So what is Michael G.'s job anyway? His bio lists him as a lawyer, so you can probably guess that he's pretty successful outside the reality show. As of right now, Michael Garofola is still in Paradise because we ended on a cliffhanger when Clare left the rose ceremony. Maybe she will give Michael her rose because they could find that they have a lot in common, or maybe she won't because they haven't really spent any time together.

Michael G., originally from Desiree Hartsock’s season, came on the show determined to win Tenley’s heart. The pair went on a romantic dinner date where they listened to a large band play mariachi music. Unfortunately, despite his attempts, his attempts to woo her were not enough to win Tenley’s rose. That’s what happens when three guys are all after the same girl. Fingers crossed that we get to keep Michael for more than one hour in one episode. I want to know more about this fancy lawyer, so I creeped on LinkedIn, so you don’t have to.

His Education

Let’s start with his education, because it’s pretty impressive. He went to Notre Dame for his undergrad where he got his BA in English and Computer Applications. From there he went back to his home state of New York where he attended Fordham University School of Law, and he graduated in 2006.

Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP

I really have no expertise when it comes to law firms: What’s good and what’s not good and also what the actually positions mean, so just go with me here. Michael worked at David Polk & Wardwell LLP in 2006 before he moved to Miami for a year. He worked as an associate and then came back and worked for them between 2008-2009. Sounds pretty cool to me!

Kobre & Kim LLP

Also in New York, he worked at Kobre & Kim LLP for about a year as an associate. I had to Google associate and it basically said an associate is a junior (or senior) attorney at a firm, but they have no ownership in the company. Also, I stumbled across a Forbes article from 2013 that said Associate Attorney is the unhappiest job in America. Interesting…

U.S. Department of Justice

OK, cool, a place we all know. Michael worked as an Assistant United States Attorney for four years until last October. According to his LinkedIn he “prosecuted hundreds of federal criminal cases.” That’s pretty impressive.

Texas Living

These days, Michael works in Houston, Texas, at what looks like two places, Gulf Energy and Chemical Company, LLC and Trans Pacific Polymers LLC. His position says General Counsel and all of this sounds important.

And, here’s what else I learned from this: I literally don’t understand anything about lawyers or their terminology, but I respect the hell out of it and him. Hopefully he and his impressive career get to stick around for awhile.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; WiffleGif (4)