Willow Smith Is The 'Fresh Princess' We Need

The rumors of a Fresh Prince reboot produced by Will Smith being in the works have only just hit the Internet, and already people are theorizing that Jaden Smith will star in the Fresh Prince reboot. And that's...well, incredibly likely considering the fact that Will has starred in two or so movies with Jaden already and Jaden seems more interested in the whole acting thing than Willow does, but hear me out. Instead of casting Jaden in the role of trying to live up to Will's legacy, I think that Willow Smith should star in the Fresh Prince reboot instead. We've already had our Fresh Prince, and no one can replace him. Isn't it about time that the world gets to see a Fresh Princess take Bel-Air?

This might just be my own personal bias showing, but Willow has always been my unquestioned favorite of the Smith clan. She's just so effortlessly cool, between her personal style and the fact that she released her first hit single when she was 10 years old — a hit single that is still on my iPod. If the Smith children have to be the stars of the reboot — which, let's be real, they probably will be — and they can't both costar in something of a Fresh Royalty reboot or something, then Willow is the clear choice for the new series rather than Jaden.

Don't believe me? Here are six solid reasons why.

1. We've Already Had A Fresh Prince

Seriously, if I wanted to watch The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, then I'd just go watch reruns of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The show was lightning in a bottle, so if the reboot is going to do anywhere near as well then they need to do something different building on the same theme. Like, oh, say, a Fresh Princess. I mean, it worked for Boy Meets World.

2. It Would Revamp The Story Entirely

Once they realize how many different story ideas are awarded to them simply by changing the gender of the main character, that's when things might really get interesting. Is she still coming to Bel-Air for a culture shock? Is she coming from Bel-Air to West Philadelphia for a culture shock? Would the jokes made on the former show still work in today's modern world? The whole new world of creativity that could be opened simply from having a female main character is endless.

3. We Could Explore A Different Set Of Problems

One of the main problems with having another male Fresh Prince is trying to figure out how to tell the same stories in a new and interesting way. Coming at the same problems from the old series from a female perspective would make them a little different by default. Plus, there are unique issues that women face in today's society that Will didn't have to go through (and sometimes even perpetuated) in the old series. See Ashley Banks as an example.

4. Willow Needs To Do More Acting

She's only been on-screen in a grand total of three projects, and lent her voice to two. Come on, Willow. Make that IMDB page just a little less lonely, would you?

5. She Would Improve On The Theme Song

Willow has experimented with so many different musical styles over the last four years that I have a feeling her version of the theme song would be even more trendy, and maybe just as catchy, as the original. I'm not saying it could best the original, but it would be a nice addition to the Fresh Prince universe.

6. She'd Pull In A New Audience

Willow has fans in strange places. There are people who are fans of her style, fans of her personality, fans of her family, and people who will be fans of her character. No matter what reason you'd have for tuning in to see how Willow Smith handles the material, the fact still remains that you'd be tuning in. So Powers That Be, hear my call: If one of the Smith children has to be cast as the main character in the Fresh Prince reboot, please let that one be Willow. After all, I'm not the only one who'd love to see it happen.

Image: crushabledotcom (2), lesjoies-devivre, ftemn, life-of-lieke, go-willowsmith/Tumblr